Bender Recap

This week, we get to recap a wedding that was truly the feather in our cap for our busy season this year. We’ve known Tiffany and Doug for years – funny fact, I (Mike) and my wife Jenny took Tiff


Basom Recap

Hey all, Andrew here with a recap of the reception of the new Mr. and Mrs. Basom!

It was a beautiful fall weekend and Tim and Sara got married at a gorgeous new venue in Lancaster County, the Stoltzfus Homestead


How to Choose the Mother & Son Dance

On the flip side of the parental dance spectrum is the Mother-Son dance between the groom and his mom.

As opposed to the Father-Daughter dance, which we’ve discussed is one of the oldest wedding traditions; the Mother-Son dance appears to …


How to Choose the Father Daughter Dance

One of the oldest traditions at weddings is the Father and Bride dance.

The origins of this tradition come from the act of the father giving his daughter to her new husband, and it was actually the first dance of …


Gailey Recap

Mike and Eric were at the Yorktowne Hotel on October 4 to celebrate the wedding of Chris and Alyssa Gailey. 

The Gailey reception was a blast. Simply a blast. 

The party was fun. The guests were incredible. The food was


Lepley Recap

On Friday, October 3, I (Declan) had the great pleasure of providing some tunes for the Lepley Wedding at the Iron Stone Ranch in Elizabethtown.

The weather was a bit iffy at times, but minus the little bit of wind,


Putt Recap

This past Saturday, Andrew was honored to DJ the ceremony and reception of the new Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Erica Putt. Kevin and Erica were referred to us by our good friend Melissa Martin from Stylish Occasions, Melissa …

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