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Hey everyone! This past weekend, we had the singular honor of helping the Arenas celebrate their big day. When they first reached out to us, we were totally stoked because they were getting married on PI DAY (!!!), but the more we got to know them and what they were going for as far as a wedding aesthetic is concerned, it really became clear that Erika and Steven were going to be an awesome couple to work with.


First and foremost, their ceremony and reception were at the Inn at Leola Village. Eric and I (Mike) were back there this weekend too, hot off the heels of helping Jeff and Kate celebrate their big day. So we felt like we’d never left the venue – it’s an amazing place to have your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception – Steph and Reese are consummate professionals in on-site coordination, and it’s worth noting that they take care of their vendors just as well as their guests, which is something we definitely appreciate.


Erika and Steven’s ceremony was flawless – the doors opening up, Erika and her father walking out – gave us chills. The ceremony was set up with a candlelit backdrop, and a string quartet took care of the music during the nuptials. It was fantastic!

After the ceremony, we moved into cocktail hour. Erika and Steven wanted a jazz/rat-pack kind of vibe when things moved out into the front room for cocktail hour, and we were happy to oblige. It was really nice to bust out the Miles Davis, the John Coltrane, the Dave Brubeck – Erika and Steven knew the crowd and made a great choice. We were really happy with the way cocktail hour was going, and were excited for the reception to begin.

We made the intros, and went right into the first dance, welcomes, toasts and blessing. Dinner, as it always is at the Inn at Leola Village – was incredible. During dinner, Erika and Steven visited the tables and got to hang out with the friends and family that Erika’s father had called out during his welcome – Eric and I zeroed in on his phrase ‘those that travelled more than a few hundred miles – this was a cavalier choice, to be here.’ We’d never heard it put quite like that, but it helped us remember and made us misty – that there were people in the room from all over the country and world that came to celebrate with Erika and Steven on the most important day of their lives.

After they were done visiting tables and cutting the cake, we opened up the dance floor and played a good mix of universal dance music and top-40 tracks for the rest of the evening. It truly, truly was an amazing evening and the pleasure to be there was ours. This couple was a blast to work with and we can’t say enough nice things about them – their bridal party was a hoot to work with, and we had a great time. We think they did, too.


Check out the list below for a sample of the feel they were going for for cocktail hour – definitely interesting, unique, and let us flex our jazz-knowledge-muscles. Struck a really nice tone (pun intended) during cocktail hour at the Inn, and we got a lot of compliments on the progression from jazz to rat-pack style.

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