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Hi! I’m Eric! I’ll be the Captain of this Recap. We’re going to take a magical flight through the wedding of Rob and Jenny Bailey. It’ll be a quick flight, with no time for peanuts, soda, or even those small bottles of booze. So I hope you drank already.

Sunday, October 11 was the kind of day in a DJ’s career where he wishes the party would have lasted a little longer. But I’ll always look back on October 11, 2015 as the kind of party I’m glad I DJ’ed, even if the party lasted such a short period. 


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Now go on and tell ’em about this couple…
I went to college at Millersville University. It is a fine secondary educational establishment. I have fond memories of that place and not a day goes by that I don’t wish I was still a student there.

Whilst I was a student at MU, I met Jenny Benedict through a Communications class we probably had together. She was (is still) cool people (obviously). I even DJ’ed her Sorority’s formal (don’t even ask me the name of her sorority because I don’t remember). We kept in touch throughout the years and when she became engaged, she contacted me to DJ her wedding!

We met at the Starbucks at King of Prussia and discussed some sweet wedding details with her fiancee, Rob Bailey. I was excited to DJ their wedding and in the months leading up to the wedding, we met via FaceTime and in person (she was a bridesmaid at the Kachel Wedding in September!). 

Love Me Do Photography, Nina Lily Photography

Love Me Do Photography, Nina Lily Photography

Now go on and tell ’em about this wedding day…

So there were a few details prior to this wedding that made it a unique experience right off the bat:

  • Jenny’s dad (Joseph) has some serious swagger. And on top of that, the dude is a hell of a good pianist. And a hell of a good vocalist. 
  • Rob’s cousin (Camille) is a hell of a vocalist. 
  • Rob’s uncle (Michael) is a hell of a bassist. 

Love Me Do Photography, Nina Lily Photography

Put all three of those facts together and you get the most unique first dance experience ever. Joseph on piano, Camille on vocals, and Michael on bass performed Etta James’s “At Last” for Rob’s and Jenny’s First Dance! SOOOO AWESOME! Seriously. Hands down one of the best first dance experiences ever.

Dinner followed with a nice mix of Motown and Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra. 

After dinner we did the cake cutting followed by the parent dances.

Prior to Jenny’s dance with her father, he performed a version of Billy Joel’s “Lullabye” and dedicated it to his daughter (really hit me in the feels since I have two daughters); after Jenny and her dad’s dance, Rob made his mom cry with his choice of Mother/Son Dance: “If I Could” by Regina Belle. I think other moms were crying too. I couldn’t see through my tears. 

Now go on and tell ’em about this wedding party …
I opened the dance floor with some Whitney Houston, KC & the Sunshine Band and quickly moved on to “Watch Me” and some newer stuff like “Uptown Funk” and “Fun” by Pitbull. The most epic moment of the night came when I did a set of:

  • “Poison” Bel Biv DeVoe
  • “Motownphilly” Boyz II Men
  • “This Is How We Do It” Montell Jordan
  • “Now That We Found Love” Heavy D & The Boyz


Another huge hit was the ProVolve Photo Booth that Mike was manning. It was awesome.

Now go on and thank some people…
Rob and Jenny: Congrats! We wish you all the best and we thank you for such a great time and for allowing us to be a part of your special day! Enjoy your honeymoon! Thanks also to the William Penn Inn, Abi and Nina of Nina Lily Photography and Love Me Do Photography!

That’s the end of the flight.

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  • Arlene Bailey says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did at my son’s wedding!! We all had a wonderful time, which everyone continues to talk about. Just a note about Rob’s choice of song for our dance…..I always loved that song about a mother and her child and years ago, I told both of my sons that I wanted that song to be the song I dance with them on their wedding day. Rob, or as we call him, Brandon, rememberd, that, although he was young. He never told me the song he chose for us, which made it that much more special that he remembered. Again, thank you!!

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