Baker Wedding, Yorktown Farms

On May 21st Andrew had the pleasure of celebrating the wedding of the new Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Vicky Baker at Yorktowne Farms.

The day started with some ominous clouds and a not stellar forecast of thunderstorms throughout. On my way over to York, rain started and came down pretty furious for a little bit.

Luckily the rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of Joe, Vicky, or their guests. They still enjoyed their cocktail hour outside under the tent even as the rain persisted on and off all night.

The bridal party made their grand entrance to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” literally two days after it became available on one of the record pools I use. I was sweatin’ that one a little bit making sure I had all the music.

After cocktail and dinner that mixed classic crooners with modern country, the party got started and the dance floor rocked with good vibes all night. The guests were dancing to a variety of modern hits, party classics, and a little bit of country mixed in.

It was a great night and ProVolve was honored as always to celebrate the beginning of another awesome couple’s marriage!

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