Basom Recap

Hey all, Andrew here with a recap of the reception of the new Mr. and Mrs. Basom!

It was a beautiful fall weekend and Tim and Sara got married at a gorgeous new venue in Lancaster County, the Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens! Barn weddings are becoming big all over, but especially in the Central PA area, where we have a variety of unique locations that give that great rustic yet chic feel. The homestead was no exception, and let it not be said that we not an adventurous group of DJs, as this is where I was set up.

Yep, up top all night. Now, I’ve been set up in lofts, on balconies, etc in barns before, but this was the first time being up with no railing and no staircase. If you look closely at the left side of the picture you’ll see the top of a rolling staircase. It made for an interesting evening of slipping under the beam to get down to the floor to hand off the mic for toasts, but it gave an awesome view of the tables and dance floor.

Tim and Sara were really awesome to work with, they definitely knew what they wanted, but were also easy going and gave me a lot of freedom to choose the music. Their day really had three distinct parts with different musical styles. There was the folky/country cocktail hour in the garden, which included some lawn games in addition to appetizers and drinks. Then we moved into the barn and the music changed to a mixture of classic and contemporary dinner music. Finally, after dinner it was time for the dancing, and dance they did, all night long.

A lot of couples are mixing it up with what traditions they want to follow during their weddings, and Tim and Sara did not feel the need to incorporate some of the more traditional events (bouquet/garter toss), but did want to have an Anniversary Dance. A lot of their friends and family are married, and it was probably the most crowded dance floor I’ve ever seen for an Anniversary Dance, and they weren’t all newly married couples either. We didn’t lose a lot of couples until 5+ years, and it took a song and a half to get to the final couples, who were married for 45+ years. It’s always great to see that many long lasting married couples coming out to support a new couple!


This goes down as probably one of my favorite weddings of the year, from the awesome couple who were a pleasure to work with, to the venue and the great guests who had a vibrant energy all night. It’s great to be winding down a wedding season with several weddings in a row that have just been so much fun.

Sara even came up to check out the view of the action from up top, quite a feat in her wedding dress!

Thanks again to Tim and Sara for letting me be a part of your big day and I wish you many years of happiness together!

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