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Yesterday we got the opportunity to provide the soundtrack for the Doubletree Open House at Willow Valley Resort. This was the first time that we’ve gotten to work together as a four-man wolfpack, so we were really looking forward to it.  Having our newly improved team there at the Doubletree meant that we could focus on having real conversations with couples.  Sometimes at weddings, people will come up to us and talk to us about what we do for couples, but it’s hard because we’re trying to juggle a lot of things at once.  So having the extra depth this time was a real help!

First of all, Willow Valley is amazing.  It just oozes old-school glamour in terms of its styling – the courtyard is nothing short of breathtaking, especially the way that the rooms all have little balconies that overlook the action.  There’s a massive spiraling staircase leading down into the courtyard, and as we were unloading gear, we got really excited because you can see the view of what a reception there would be like before you even set foot in the room itself.  It’s almost dizzying how tall the room is, as well.  Definitely a place you should check out if you’re looking for an upscale wedding venue.

One thing that really sets us apart from other DJ Services in the area, I think, is that we’re more interested in meeting people and building relationships with couples than we are in just getting to the ‘business at hand’.  Eric and I were talking about it this morning over breakfast, and we realized that we’ve made or rekindled more long-term friendships with couples that we’ve met through ProVolve than we did in… College?  It’s amazing.  We still keep in touch with dozens of couples, and it’s funny how many friends we have now that when there’s a big party or something at one of our houses, I’ll hear someone ask how they met Eric or I and the answer is often, “Oh, they DJ-ed our wedding.”

Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about?  If you’re getting married soon, and you want a DJ that you’ll never need/want to talk to again, that care about the business of it more than the passion for music and organic connections with people, e-mail us and I’ll send you a list a mile long.  The thing that makes ProVolve different is that in order for us to be good at our job – which is playing music that you love to hear during the most important day of your life – we HAVE to get to know you in a personal way.  It’s critical.

We don’t really look at ourselves as wedding vendors.  Technically, we are a business that provides a service that operates within the ‘bridal industry.’  But that’s such a cold, emotionless way of looking at something.  Especially since this ‘industry’ is one that’s driven on the back end (between the couples) by emotion, organic personal connections, and trust.  Shouldn’t your DJ care about the same thing?  I dunno, I’m not trying to get all philosophical on everyone, but there are different ways of running businesses, and I think that our attitude and company culture is one that really makes people happy.  It makes us happy, too – otherwise we wouldn’t be doing it.

Anyway, below find some more pics from the event itself.  Like I said, we had a blast and got the chance to have awesome conversations with awesome couples, and that’s what makes us look forward to stuff like this.


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