Harding Wedding, Cork Factory Hotel

Happy New Year everyone! I feel like our new year is finally underway and I hope that everyone’s second week back at work went well. ProVolve is busy filling out its 2016 year and we’re excited for another awesome 12


Top 5 Party Songs of 2015!

It’s been an amazing year of dancing, screaming, jumping, and tearing up the dance floor!

2015’s music made this amazing year one hell of a party for all of us! So the 6 of us (Andrew, Ben, Cruzi, Declan, Eric,


Albright Recap

The second wedding of the weekend was at Historic Shady Lane, in Manchester, PA. For those of you who haven’t been there yet, it’s a really neat venue in the northern York area – the first time we’d been


Zigler Recap

Greetings, everyone! Hope you all had as great a weekend as we did. I gotta say, doing two weddings in a weekend can be exhausting, but it’s something Eric and I need to prepare for as this season is shaping


Mould Recap

Last Saturday, Mike and Eric DJ’ed for Steve and Diane Mould, and all their friends and family.

It was lots of fun and definitely a great way to kick off the season! We were able to snap a few photos …


My Favorite Songs of 2013 – Andrew

This past year was a pretty good one for music and I got to play some old favorites and new jams for some awesome couples. I always tell couples that cocktail and dinner are the best times to really inject …


My Favorite Songs of 2013 – Declan

My selections may be a bit eclectic, but that’s how I love my music. I love that each wedding is different and depending the couple, a very cool night of songs that fit their unique personality!


Cocktail Hour:


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