How to Choose the Father Daughter Dance

One of the oldest traditions at weddings is the Father and Bride dance.

The origins of this tradition come from the act of the father giving his daughter to her new husband, and it was actually the first dance of …


Cake Cutting Recommendations from Professional DJ’s

The cake cutting, should you choose to have one, is a special part of the reception. It can be a little challenging, though, because sometimes, at the end of dinner, people are getting sleepy after eating all the food, and


How to Choose Dinner Music

After Cocktail Hour, the Bridal Party and Bride & Groom are introduced, there’s usually a first dance, some toasts, and a blessing. Following those events is Dinner and the music that accompanies it.

The following are some suggestions for how


First Dance Recommendations

This is the song most couples already have in mind when they meet with us for the first time. I do not remember any couples we have DJ’ed for in recent memory who did not already have this picked out.


How to Choose Introduction Songs

For any wedding to truly begin, the introductions have to be perfect. It transitions your ceremony or cocktail hour into the reception, and you need to set the mood and energy level.

To do that, you need to pick the


What to Consider When Choosing Cocktail Hour Music

First, what is Cocktail Hour?
Cocktail Hour is when your guests begin their arrival at the reception site. Usually this happens within 30–60 minutes of the end of your ceremony. Example: if your ceremony ends at 3:00, count on cocktail


Music for your Ceremony: Recommendations from Professional DJ’s

Eric, Andrew, Declan, and I work dozens of weddings a year, and on average, we are asked to either provide sound reinforcement or music for couple’s ceremonies about 50% of the time. We love helping out with ceremonies, and more

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