Top 5 Party Songs of 2015!

It’s been an amazing year of dancing, screaming, jumping, and tearing up the dance floor!

2015’s music made this amazing year one hell of a party for all of us! So the 6 of us (Andrew, Ben, Cruzi, Declan, Eric,


5 Tips for Being the Best Man the Groom Deserves

Congratulations – you’ve just been asked to be the best man. You probably have a passing awareness that this involves helping him with various tasks throughout the process. And yes, you’ll need to give a speech. Finally, you’re in charge


Top 5 Things, Buying Your First Home

Today’s Top 5 Things is a little different than the typical “Find a photographer, get a DJ, find flowers” wedding advice you’ll find here and most other wedding advice sites. The advice we feature today is about something that usually


Top 5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Cancun

So how about that long, cold, miserable Pennsylvania weather we’ve had this year?

Seriously, talk about the longest winter ever.

With spring just around the corner, let’s start day-dreaming about warmer weather now. 

Today we hear from a college friend


Top 5 Things, Hiring a Photographer

Today is the official relaunch of our Guest Blogger Series, Top 5 Things. This was an advice series we started 2 years ago with the help of various wedding professionals. We’ve started it up again with the hopes of …


My Favorite Songs of 2013 – Andrew

This past year was a pretty good one for music and I got to play some old favorites and new jams for some awesome couples. I always tell couples that cocktail and dinner are the best times to really inject …


My Favorite Songs of 2013 – Declan

My selections may be a bit eclectic, but that’s how I love my music. I love that each wedding is different and depending the couple, a very cool night of songs that fit their unique personality!


Cocktail Hour:


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