Clark-Alexy Recap

On Saturday, 5/31/14, we had the pleasure of helping Pat Clark and Emily Alexy with their ceremony at a private residence in the Cornwall area – in between Manheim and Lebanon, PA. It was a blast, and we wanted to take a moment and do a recap of one of our favorite weddings of all time. From start to finish, it was a wedding that we’ll never forget.

We had never actually met with Pat or Emily – we’d only spoken via Skype. They were living in NYC at the time, but from the first few minutes of the conversation, I knew that they were going to be a perfect fit in terms of music and personality for us. We had so much music in common that it was spooky; I’d never talked with a couple that seemed to mesh with us so well. Eric and I have the pleasure of working with awesome couples nearly every weekend, but we knew there was something special about Pat and Emily. Little did we know how truly memorable their reception was going to be!

So we roll in early to get set up, and find that a few minutes after we get there that some guests were arriving early – they had a school bus shuttling people to and from the hotel nearby, and the bus got there earlier than we expected. We had more than enough ‘pre-ceremony’ music in the hopper, so we just kind of hung out while people took advantage of the time and cocktails to socialize. Once things were ready, we moved into position for the ceremony.

We assisted them with their ceremony as well as the cocktail/reception portion of their big day. We recently purchased a wireless lavalier system – instead of renting one each time, we knew that we’d end up using a Lav quite a bit this year. 3 gigs in, and it’s already getting rave reviews from the officiants and pastors we’ve worked with during the ceremonies. Their ceremony was awesome – their close friend officiated, shared personal stories, and friends and family read poetry and passages from a Dr. Seuss book. It just felt really intimate, and like we were part of the family.

Once cocktail hour picked (back) up, we switched over to the music that they’d handpicked for this time. They’re big fans of bluegrass and country – they’d provided us with some starting points and songs that they’d wanted to hear during the cocktail hour, and then we padded out the back half of that list with music that’s really doing well on the indie/folk charts. If you’d been to a wedding that we’d done so far this year, you probably heard some of the same tunes. That’s where things got interesting.

To everyone’s surprise, Pat and Emily rode into their reception, during the introductions, on a tandem bike! They’d taken a tandem bike on their first date, so it was a totally cool tribute to their beginnings and it was a surprise to everyone involved. Dinner went off without a hitch – they had some really, really great barbecue catering. Eric and I have a soft spot (or two) for good pulled pork, and the pork in question was nothing short of stellar. The bluegrass and indie folk was playing, and by the end of dinnertime we’d moved into slightly rockier territory with some down-tempo Rolling Stones, Arcade Fire, and Dawes.

Here’s a snippet of their first dance:

The speech from Pat’s twin brother was among the best speeches we’d ever heard. It was hilarious, touching, and definitely in my personal top five of all time.

When it came time to open up the dance floor, it was about 8:30pm. We’d spent some time making sure that the photographer had taken full advantage of the best lighting at the end of the evening, but that reduced the amount of time that we’d have on the dance floor. We hammered the universal dance tracks, and although it was still daylight, the crowd could not be stopped. They danced to track after track after track, and we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were having the time of their lives.

10pm rolled around and we played the last song, but were quickly asked to stay for another half hour (when the township’s noise ordinance kicks in). We took advantage of the opportunity to dish out more anthem-sing-alongs, and hit some throwback, high-energy 90’s hip hop.

By the time 10:30 came, the crowd was at peak energy, deliriously happy, and I think we were sadder than they were that the party had to come to an end.

Eric and I, on our drive home, were commenting about how dialed in the wedding was in terms of details – it felt like an über-upscale hangout. There were great drinks, croquet and bean-bag-toss games taking place, and torches burning that lit the paths. So it had this really upscale vibe – but simultaneously, it had the atmosphere of a family reunion in that everyone was so happy to be there, meet new people, and socialize with the couple that it had a really laid back feeling to it as well.

I think that the wedding really captured Pat and Emily as a couple – from the stories that we heard during the ceremony, they’re extremely educated, cultured, traveled, etc. And at the same time, they’re 100% approachable, laid back, friendly, and funny. The wedding was just like them, in that respect, and we were honored to be a part of it.

Parent Dance: Emily danced with her father, Pat with his mother, then both sets of parents came out and danced with them to “Teach Your Children” CSN&Y

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