Cocktail Hour Music

Cocktail Hour is when your guests begin their arrival at the reception site. Usually this happens within 30–60 minutes of the end of your ceremony. Example: if your ceremony ends at 3:00, count on cocktail hour to start around 3:30 – 4:00. In addition, as its name states, Cocktail Hour usually lasts about an hour.

The purpose of cocktail hour is to occupy your guests while you are getting photographs taken (at either the church or some other location nearby). Its other purpose is to buy you and your Bridal Party time while you arrive at the reception site to get ready before the big dinner/big party.

During Cocktail Hour, your guests will find their dinner seating, sign your guestbook, drop off gifts/cards, they will be able to enjoy drinks and hors’dourves, and catch up with family and friends. With this in mind, you want music playing during the Cocktail Hour to set the mood for the rest of the evening.

What we recommend for your Cocktail Hour soundtrack is love songs from a variety of genres. Think Michael Buble, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, some Motown, Ray LaMontagne, etc.

As with all of the music you choose for the reception, Cocktail Hour music should reflect your tastes and personalities. If you typically enjoy listening to folksy/bluegrass music, then we recommend incorporating that in to your reception soundtrack. If you enjoy musicals, we could work together to sneak some musical numbers during your evening. You get the idea.

Remember, when it comes to music during Cocktail Hour, Dinner and/or Dance time, you are in complete control. We can recommend what typically works and what does not work (we will probably tell you that certain genres should NEVER be played during any portion of a wedding reception).

We are the experts, but keep in mind that this is your once-in-a-lifetime event and we are here to make sure your evening is a memorable one.

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