Day 10 of 14 Days of Valentine’s Day

Day 10! It’s almost Valentine’s Day! AHHHH!

Today we hear from Alyssa Gailey with her story about her husband, Chris, proposed to her!

Mike and Eric DJ’ed the Gailey wedding on October 4, 2014!

Here’s Alyssa’s story about her relationship with Chris and how they became engaged:

It feels like our engagement happened so long ago. But I guess when you’re with the love of your life for 6 years, it feels like you’ve already spent many lifetimes together. Believe it or not, our engagement was only a year and a half ago.

Chris and I were from the same hometown, graduated from the same high school, and had many mutual friends. I know, you’re thinking, “oh, they were high school sweethearts” – WRONG! We actually didn’t even talk to each other in high school – I’d tell you he was a jock, he’d tell you I was a…well let’s just say it rhymes with itch.

Chris and I actually both attended Millersville University together, he was a year ahead of me, and we had connected on Facebook. He was the football player, and I was a typical freshman girl who was enjoying being on my own.  Anyway, the commonality of those mutual friends are exactly what led us to each other.

The rest is history; we graduated in 2012 and I was sure an engagement would soon follow.

But after we both moved back home, I started to come to the reality that marriage was definitely in our future, maybe just not right now. Chris had assured me that it would happen one day, but he wouldn’t propose until he was sure that he could support me for the rest of our lives; how romantic!

Fast forward to June 2013. We were both full-time workers and took full advantage of some vacation time in Ocean City, Maryland. It was the location of our first vacation together and is a spot that held a place in both of our hearts, from childhood on.

Chris was picking me up on Saturday morning to start our drive towards the ocean. He backed into the driveway and we started to carry our entire luggage, coolers, and beach chairs to the car. Between the two of us, I’m the packer of the family – blame it on OCD or a line of women who can fit a square into a round hole – packing was my job. So, Chris had his football duffle bag (that’s his suitcase – don’t ask), in the back seat and I started to pile the rest of the stuff into the trunk.

Now, Chris isn’t the neatest person, one of the things that makes him who he is, so something was a bit off about the duffle on this particular day. The duffle was carefully placed in the backseat, all pockets zippered and even the velcro handle was secured tightly. Anyway, I went to grab the duffle to put in the back with the rest of the luggage only to run into Mr. Gailey insisting that the duffle needed to stay where it was in the back seat. Ok, ok, not worth the hassle of figuring out why, so in the back seat it stayed.

On our way to Ocean City, we stopped at the outlets in Rehoboth Beach. I scored some Croc flip-flops and a super cheap Coach wristlet. Best day ever…so far.

We get to our hotel, get our luggage in the room, duffle and all, and my OCD kicks in once again as I start unpacking. Chris is on the balcony and pacing the room, I thought he was just excited.  Needless to say, he was nervous, excited, and ready to pop the big question.

He catches my attention and calls me out on the balcony. He stands behind me, arms around me as we look out at the near-sunset. He starts telling me things that any girl would be lucky to hear and telling me how he’s the luckiest man in the world.

Next thing I know, he’s got a ring box with the most gorgeous engagement ring out in front of me.  He turns me around, and says: “Alyssa Lynne Dodson, will you marry me?” heart melting….cue tears…

I was in complete shock. I religiously asked him if this was for real and if he was lying to me. He insisted this was very much reality and I insisted that “it’s not nice to lie to people.”

I cried for a solid 15 minutes and couldn’t even pull myself together to mutter the word “yes.” Needless to say, a year and four months later we walked down the aisle to the rest of our lives and we haven’t looked back.


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