Day 11.5 of 14 Days of Valentine’s Day

Today’s second Engagement Story comes to us from Mr. and Mrs. Fox about how John asked Liz to marry him!

John and I got engaged on 12/13/2014.  Not a very hard date for either of us to forget.  I remember the weeks leading up to this weekend, every time we went out I would hope that this would be the night.

John really wanted me to see where he went to college, Virginia Military Institute, so we decided to couple that with a visit to the Greenbrier in West Virginia. 

The Saturday we got engaged we decided to do a little sightseeing of the surrounding area and then in the afternoon go skeet shooting.  Skeet shooting was a drive from the resort, up the mountain, in a little lodge built specifically for the sport.  It was very rustic, with many animal head trophies hanging around from the different hunters.  While we were outside, it was very cold and misting the entire time.  I am not exactly fond of the cold, so this was a bit of a stretch for me, but I knew John was loving life so I made sure to stick it out.  Afterwards we were able to go inside sit by the fire and warm up while we waited for our transportation.  Little did I know, during our entire day out, John had the ring in his pocket the whole time, which I never noticed.  He later admitted to me that he seriously considered proposing to me at the hunting lodge, but wasn’t sure the mood was quite right.  Every time I think of that I have to laugh, having John getting down on one knee with a deer staring at me wouldn’t exactly be what I had dreamed about my whole life.


Once we got back to our cottage we got ready for dinner and bundled up to go for a walk through the Christmas light show before heading to the main house.  As we were walking, John took us towards a large, decorated gazebo on the property.  John was so wonderful and sweet, in the words he said to me that day, before he got down on one knee to ask if I would marry him.  I’ll never forget how nervous he was and how happy I was.  As soon as I saw him beginning to kneel I started to cry.  John is my best friend and the kindest most gentle man I’ve ever known.  Saying yes was the easiest decision I will ever have to make.

Mike and Eric DJ’ed for John and Liz in August 2014 at the Country Barn! Here’s the recap of the Fox Wedding!


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