Day 12 of 14 Days of Valentine’s Day

On this 12th Day of Valentine’s Day, we hear from Mr. and Mrs. Branscome and how Jacob proposed to Erin.

Here is Erin’s engagement story:

I am going to start our story by saying that we had been dating for two and a half years when we got engaged. The majority of our relationship had been long distance due to Jacob’s job, and I wasn’t going to move anywhere with him until that ring was on my finger. He knew that, so we had talked about getting married ¬†for a little while before it actually happened. Every time the subject came up we always had the same discussion. I, being the girl, was ready any time and knew that Jacob was the one for me. Jacob, being the guy, would always say there’s no need to rush, admitting that he knew I was the one for him as well, but always making it seem like he wasn’t going to pop the question any time soon.

About two weeks before our engagement, we were visiting my parents in Pennsylvania when Jacob asked me to go out to the car before him while getting ready to leave. I was kind of puzzled and of course asked why? He then proceeded to tell me that he needed to talk to my Mom about a Christmas gift for me. I thought it was kind of strange and had a feeling that maybe he was telling them he was getting ready to propose. As I sat in the car waiting for him, I couldn’t help but get my hopes up. On our drive back to Jacob’s parents’ house in Maryland that evening, the usual engagement conversation came up and ended the same way as always. My hopes were dashed, but I knew I just had to be patient. Good things come with time.

About two weeks later, Jacob came home again for Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving day with my family. The day after was my Dad’s birthday, so we decided to go to Shady Maple for lunch. We also planned for Jacob’s parents to join us, since our parents still had not met each other yet (crazy right?!). The six of us enjoyed a deliciously big lunch together. Jacob’s parents also got to see and enjoy Shady Maple for the first time ever. Later that evening, we drove back to Jacob’s parents’ house to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family the next day.

The next morning rolled around and Jacob wanted to go to the eye doctor to pick out glasses before his family came over for dinner. I am not a morning person, but I willing got up early to go to the eye doctor with him. While getting ready, I thought he was acting a bit strange, but didn’t think much of it. We hopped in the car and drove off to the eye doctor. After his appointment, Jacob suggested we go to Rock’s State Park to see the big rocks with great views known as the King and Queen seat. Keep in mind it was November and somewhat cold outside, so I thought it was strange he wanted to go there, but I just went along with it. We drove to the top of Rock’s State Park and walked the small path to the King and Queen seat. I thought to myself that this might just be the spot where he would pop the question, until I saw all the other people who were also there. I knew he would never do that with all those people around. After enjoying the view and talking for a little while, we began walking the path back to the car. Just as I was thinking to myself that this isn’t the moment I had hoped it would be, Jacob nervously turned around and the conversation went something like this:

Jacob: I love you.

Me: I love you, too.

Jacob: Do you want to marry me?

Me: Of course I do. You know that.

That’s when he pulled the ring box out of his pocket and got down on one knee. I blanked out there and I’m pretty sure I said yes, because that ring went on my finger and we have now been happily married for four months. Of course I called my family and we were able to share the news with Jacob’s family at Thanksgiving dinner.

I later came to find out that Jacob had been looking at rings for a couple of months before we got engaged. So here he had been planning this for quite some time, but made it seem like that big moment wasn’t going to happen for awhile. I give him credit for surprising me, because I can be pretty difficult to surprise. Even after we were engaged, I still couldn’t believe it had actually happened. And now we get to call each other husband and wife!

Mike and Eric DJ’ed for the Branscomes on September 20, 2014 (Wedding Recap).
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*Photos by Jeremy Bischoff Photography

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