Day 5 of 14 Days of Valentine’s Day

On Day 5 of 14 Valentine’s Day we hear from Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Laura Mandell! They were such a fun couple and their wedding was a blast.10924751_10100614451097230_5815308375891655118_n (1)

Here’s the story of how Matt and Laura began their journey to Mr. and Mrs!

The engagement was a complete surprise.  Laura had no idea it was coming…until the night of August 15, 2012.  Matt emailed Laura the directions to a scavenger hunt.  She was anxious about it, because he had really planned ahead.  Not that Matt wasn’t a planner, but typically when the two of them did things it was spur of the moment.

Earlier that week, Matt and Laura had a romantic surf and turf meal which Laura thought might be the moment he proposed.  After heading over in sweats (Laura had field hockey preseason), Laura felt she had ruined the proposal because, although the meal was delicious, it did not end with a ring.

Two days later, while shopping, Matt called Laura and asked her if she cared about changing plans.  They had previously decided on having dinner at Matt’s.  Matt still wanted to have dinner at his house, but he implied he wanted to check something out before dinner.  Of course, Laura was oblivious to it and thought they were going on an adventure and they’d just eat out. 

Matt wanted Laura to call him when she got home from shopping.  Laura called the moment she got home and told Matt she was ready to go.  Matt had much concern saying, “didn’t you get my email?”  At that point, she hadn’t.  Laura quickly checked her email and read what he’d written.  The directions were that Laura needed to take a picture of her key in the lock as she left her house and send the picture to Matt.  Once he received the picture, he would send the next clue. 

Matt started with the place they met and moved on to the place they had their first date.  He continued testing Laura’s knowledge of their relationship until she ended up at The Pressroom, their favorite restaurant in the city.  Matt was waiting there for Laura.  He got down on one knew and proposed in the back area of the restaurant in Steinman Park.

Laura and Matt went inside to the bar area of The Pressroom where Matt had champagne and fried calamari (Laura’s favorite) waiting for them.
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Mike and Eric DJ’ed for them October 19, 2013 at the Ware Center, Millersville University.

*Professional Photo by PhotOle Photography


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