Day 7 of 14 Days of Valentine’s Day

Today we hear from the Albrights! Casey and Chris are such an awesome couple and we’re delighted to feature their engagement story!

Here’s Casey’s engagement story …

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We met at York College, but I had already known who Chris Albright was – a former wrestler (not to brag, but a really good one to say the least) of York County, whose name I had heard multiple times in high school, considering our schools were wrestling rivals. I graduated from Spring Grove, and he graduated from Red Lion (told ya – rivals).

The first time we met was at the York College gym. No words were said, but we ‘spotted’ each other to say the least. Then, of course, Facebook let us become ‘friends,’ and Facebook messenger allowed us to swap numbers. What can I say, I’m a social butterfly. Text messages led to what’s next.

Our first date was at Crimson, which lasted about four hours long, literally. We went for lunch, and when the dinner crowd started rolling in, we realized we should either order again or get going. A nice lunch and four hours of nonstop conversation seemed like a good way to hit it off, so we left the restaurant.

Eventually, a few more dates led to our first kiss, which happened on a hill at the top of Wyndam Hills (the York neighborhood with the GREATEST view of the city – as great as one gets of York, anyways). Why were we on the hill in the first place? To get away from the college parties that night. Some one-on-one time as they would say on The Bachelor, if you’re a fan of the show. I am.

So, that’s how we met. A couple months later, Chris crashed a girls beach trip I was on to ask if I would be his girlfriend. We became ‘Facebook official,’ because we all know that’s so very important these days. After much more time together, we got a new puppy, a kitten, and then engaged. It’s important to mention the pets, because they really won my heart over if Chris hadn’t already!

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Totally a surprise, because engagement was talked about nonchalantly … but to be waited on for a couple of years. He jumped the gun, but I’m not complaining. That proposal night started as a night with my best friend, who handed me a sweet letter from Chris and then drove me to Crimson. At Crimson, another friend was there, and before I could even walk inside, she handed me another letter and dropped me off at the York College gym. Of course, where another friend was waiting with another letter in hand. I got into another car, read the letter and was taken to the top of the hill where we had our first kiss. And then … I was speechless!

At the top of the hill, candles spelled out “MARRY ME?” and Chris was standing at the top. First reaction? “DID YOU ASK MY DAD?!” He did, of course. The rest of that moment was total bliss. Now, we’re married, have five pets (we added another dog and another cat since the engagement), moved into our first home and are now expecting a sweet little boy in the Spring!

And that is our story. I picked a winner!

Mike and Eric celebrated with Chris and Casey on May 4, 2014 at the Historic Shady Lane in Manchester, PA – check out our recap of their wedding!


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