Diehl Wedding, Riverdale Manor

It’s been 10 days since we celebrated the wedding of Nathan and Janelle Diehl at Riverdale Manor!

Their wedding was so beautiful and their party was an amazing time!

We started helping Nate and Janelle plan their wedding last year when we were contacted by Nate. He is the brother of a former ProVolve Entertainment groom, Ryan, who sadly passed away a few years ago. Nate and his family enjoyed our style and wanted us to be involved in Nate’s and Janelle’s wedding at Riverdale Manor.

Planning their wedding was a joy because this couple is the sweetest and most laid back couple a DJ could ask for!

The day started with an intimate ceremony in the pavilion at Riverdale Manor. The bridesmaids walked into a beautiful piano version of “A Thousand Years” followed by Janelle who walked in to a wonderful version of Canon in D.

After the ceremony concluded, Nate and Janelle walked out as husband and wife to “Marry You” by Bruno Mars.

Cocktail Hour was a personalized playlist of some of Nate’s and Janelle’s favorite artists.

After Cocktail Hour, it was time for some AWESOME introductions of family and the bridal party.

The bridal party were introduced as basketball players while “Sirius” by the Alan Parsons Project played (the former Chicago Bulls theme song)! It was hilarious and everyone was laughing during the intros!

We then moved on to the First Dance, Kip Moore’s “Hey Pretty Girl” – such a lovely moment to watch the new Mr. and Mrs. Diehl dance together as husband and wife:

After toasts, we moved on to Dinner which was full of great songs and amazing food!

After dinner, Nate and Janelle cut their cake – which was absolutely delicious! Shout out to Rosie’s Creative Cakes for the amazingness that Eric had 2 slices of (Mike wasn’t feeling well, so Eric had his piece!)!

Parent dances were wonderful with Janelle and her father dancing to “Butterfly Kisses” and Nate and his mother dancing to “Never Alone” by Jim Brickman and Lady Antebellum!
DSC_5836 DSC_5847

After cake and parent dances, we opened the dance floor up to all married couples for the Anniversary Dance, which going into this we knew that Nate’s parents would win. They’ve been married for 46 years! Congrats to them!

The party afterwards was an amazing party that teetered back and forth between epic rave and dance-off battle royale! We were so busy partying so hard with the Diehls that we forgot to take photos! But trust us when we say it was a most incredible dance party!

An fun little moment during dancing happened when Nate wanted to dance to an upbeat song with his 93 year old grandmother. She was cute little lady and I remembered at Nate’s brother’s (Ryan’s) wedding a few years ago, we played a song for Ryan called “I Wish” by Skee-Lo (you know the one, “I wish I was a little bit taller…”). So this is the song we played for Nate and his grandmother! It was so funny and cute at the same time!

We want to congratulate the newlyweds and we wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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