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Get to know ProVolve DJ and Engineering/Computer/Science teacher, DJ Cruzi!!!
DJ Cruzi

1. What’s your favorite thing about DJ’ing weddings?
Getting everyone on the dance floor and letting loose! I love seeing people dance. It’s why I DJ. Not much else compares to seeing happiness unfold in the form of dancing and smiles. It’s a special day for everyone involved.

2. Describe an interesting DJ story.
This story is about the first time I dj’d a wedding. I traveled to Albany New York. The couple had so much confidence in me because they’ve seen me dj other types of events prior to getting into weddings. So they paid for transportation and a lovely hotel. Things were going very well early on. The ceremony, cocktail and dinner hours went off without a hitch. When I opened the dance floor, people hit it hard. And I mean everyone was dancing! At one point, the dancing got pretty rowdy. The father of the bride started grabbing at his chest and signaling for help! He fell on the floor… I freaked out! What does a DJ do when someone has a heart attack on the dance floor?! I thought, this is the last wedding I’ll ever do. I’m done. Not for me. And then out of nowhere, the bride starts doing this crazy dance and “revives” her dad! They had it planned out! Apparently it was a thing they do whenever they both hit a dance floor. After that, I’ve asked every couple if they plan on having any family traditions such as this on their wedding night.

3. What’s your favorite wedding song?
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson. Everytime I throw that song out to a floor, it’s an instant hit. The magical powers of Michael Jackson’s disco beats gets all the people going!

4. What commonly-played song at weddings do you dislike?
Single Ladies by Beyonce. Can I delete that one from my collection now? Please?

5. What’s a genre of music people would be surprised to learn you listen to?
Disco and electronic synth pop. Open up Spotify and find “Happy House by The Juan MacLean” radio and hit play. You’ll feel groovy!

6. What’s your favorite movie?
John Wick is my favorite movie because nothing is more moving than a retired assassin avenging the death of his puppy. Nothing beats that.

7. Favorite bar in PA?
Lucky’s Last Chance here in Manayunk Philadelphia is hands down, the best bar in Pennsylvania. The food is a thousand times tastier than any bar I’ve ever tried. The drinks are wonderfully crafted. The vibe in there is relaxed and perfect.

8. Favorite food.

9. Favorite booze.
Coconut Rum and Coke is my go to drink. Oak and Coke is second.

10. What’s something about you most people wouldn’t know when they first meet you?
As a kid, I performed magic shows for my friends.

11. What is your most recently played song on Spotify?
Ocean Drive by Miami Nights 1984. This song pretty much sums up the music I listen to on a daily basis. Think, 80s synth pop but in the future! Whoa!

12. List your Top 5 favorite bands/artists.

  • The Killers
  • Daft Punk
  • Beastie Boys
  • Disclosure
  • Weezer

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