Halpin Wedding, Riverdale Manor

When we first spoke with Zach and Kelsey Halpin, we knew we’d be a match made in heaven. I’m not trying to be grandiose here, but it’s Friday and I think they’d agree. They chose to have their wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception at Riverdale, which is one of our favorite venues in Lancaster County. Eric and I worked there quite a bit in 2015 and are looking forward to many more visits there in 2016.

Their ceremony was beautiful – it took place in the gazebo/pavilion at Riverdale which is a perfect venue for an intimate ceremony. It’s right on that edge of size where you need microphones – some ceremony venues are large and require ample sound reinforcement but I love venues that are cozy enough that they really just require a touch of extra sound to make sure you can hear everything said. They had a lovely ceremony, full of emotion and love from the audience.






The details to their big day were great – not only was it clear that Riverdale has a great way of making their space elegant, it was full of special touches from the bride and the groom that really made that space their own.






It was clear from the start that Kelsey and Zach were comfortable with our judgement in making their soundtrack perfect. We settled on a cocktail list that I referred to as ‘contemporary romantic pop’, which includes everything from Colbie Callait to Jack Johnson – just a who’s who of romantic music from the past 10 years or so. For dinner Kelsey and Zach were hoping for a mix of music that included rat-pack swank and neo-romantic country, and we put a list together for them that fit the bill perfectly. Cocktail hour, the introductions, and dinner all went so smoothly for everyone, and that’s in large part to how laid back Kelsey and Zach are, as well as how great of a team the staff at Riverdale are.

When it came time to party, the Halpins and the Robinsons were there for reals. They had an awesome time, and as per our style, we adhered to excellence in taking them on a guided tour across the greatest dance and party music of the past 60 years. All were delighted, not the least of which were Kelsey and Zach, who were just an awesome couple to work with – we wish them all the best!

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