Harding Wedding, Cork Factory Hotel

Happy New Year everyone! I feel like our new year is finally underway and I hope that everyone’s second week back at work went well. ProVolve is busy filling out its 2016 year and we’re excited for another awesome 12 months of bringing award-winning, hall-of-fame, unforgettable DJing to your wedding receptions.

Today we’re going to recap Brennen and Tara Harding’s wedding, which took place on December 30th of 2015 at the Cork Factory Hotel. It was such a neat time to have a wedding – right in between Christmas and New Years; you could tell that their friends and family came to party and the Hardings didn’t miss a single detail in making sure that their day had the perfect amount of fun, class, and great moments. We brought the party. We always do.

First, let me star this off by saying that Brennen and Tara were one of the most laid-back couples that we’ve worked with over the past few years. They definitely said that they wanted to party, and on their song sheets they picked out a veritable ‘who’s who’ of the party music that we would love to play if it was one of our own weddings. We helped provide music for their cocktail hour, their dinner, and their reception, and their cocktail and dinner times were a classic rat-pack-swank-upscale-classy mix that we’ve honed over the past five years when when couples say they’re looking for something ‘retro and classy.’ We’ve got that covered. There was a lot of older family there and at times during dinner a husband and wife would get up and dance to one or two of the songs; it was really cute.

Second, let me reiterate how much we love working at the Cork Factory Hotel. The staff is amazing – very attentive not only to the couples they work with but also in making sure that the vendors have everything they need to bring their A-game in making the moments happen. It doesn’t take a whole lot of work to make the Cork Factory look like a world class venue, and walking back into the room after a few months of having weddings everywhere *but* the Cork Factory, we felt like we were back at home.

AAAND! We got to work with Jeremy Bischoff! He’s one of our favorite photographers to work with. Not only was he Eric’s photographer for his own wedding – but we bump into him all the time because, like us, he loves working with cool couples in the Lancaster/Central-PA area. So we were understandably stoked to have him on board from the get-go.







When it came time for dance times, we followed a flight plan that took them on a guided tour of Motown, 80’s Ladies Hits, Top 40, and even some throwback hip hop at the end that got everyone a lot wilder than they probably expected they’d be at the end of the night. Brennen and Tara both seemed to have an awesome time dancing and partying with everyone that was there and being able to help craft those moments for them and their loved ones was truly an honor.




After the party, Eric and I retired to Quips for a nightcap and to celebrate putting a bookend on our 7th successful season, and we ended up bumping into a bunch of friends and family of Brennen and Tara’s from the wedding! It was kind of funny to have them bump into us, after we’d taken off the bow ties, just sitting there shooting the breeze. That human aspect where we get to connect on a deeper level than just a wedding vendor is one thing that makes a wedding extra-memorable for us.

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