Hastings Wedding Recap!

Hey everyone! Mike and Eric here with a quick recap of yesterday’s (8/17/2013) wedding reception!

We were with Tanya and Sean Hastings as they were married in a beautiful ceremony in front of 250 family/friends in the Courtyard at the Eden Resort in Lancaster.

The party got started real early with the introductions of the parents and bridal party. Both sets of parents walked in to the awesome song, “We No Speak Americano” – both Tanya’s and Sean’s parents danced their way into the Courtyard. So awesome when the parents really get into the fun of the evening!

Next up, the bridal party entered to a very LOUD and FUNGangnam Style” – they were all such a blast!

Then the party picked up steam when Tanya and Sean entered in a HUGE way to “OMG“!!

Their first dance was no disappointment – an awesome mashup of Colbie Caillat’s Lucky that went right into record scratches and ended with a dance song that had the crowd totally surprised!

Another highlight of the evening was a funny/cute father/daughter dance of “Dancing in the Street” by Mick Jagger/David Bowie. Tanya and her father Alex filmed a cute video of themselves when Tanya was a young girl dancing to this song. We showed the video of them from the 90s – then Tanya and Alex RE-CREATED the hilarious video for their dance. IT WAS AWESOME!

Then the rest of the night was a BIG PARTY. Just a quick note, Tanya’s family is Russian so the reception was an eclectic mix of ethnic and pop versions of Russian and Armenian songs mixed in with popular/Top40 American songs. The whole night was a MAJOR dance party!!!!!!

Thanks again to the Hastings for such an incredible night!


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