Hauck Recap 7/25/2015

Hey all! Mike checking in with this week’s recap of the prior weekend. Eric and I┬áhad the honor of helping the now Mister and Misses Hauck celebrate their big day in style. Seriously, anyone looking for a refresher on how to throw an awesomely chic, friendly, family-oriented reception should make sure that they bookmark this post because Kristen and Kevin nailed it. They held the reception on their property in Lancaster County and it was an evening I’ll remember forever.

First, Kristen and Kevin were great to work with. They live in NYC, but that wasn’t that big of a deal because we’d Skype or whatever to help brainstorm music and make sure that we were on the same page. The vibe that they were going for was an authentic, genuine country-wedding, that transitions from something that feels like a family reunion to something that feels like a dance party as the night wears on. We were happy to help support and execute on that vision.

So we roll in on the big day and it looks like it’s going to rain. And then it starts raining. Everyone’s worried that it’s going to get rained out, but just as people start showing up, the sun comes out and dries out all the rain. Just like in the children’s song. Except that after the sun came out and people showed up, we started playing the indie and timeless hits, and people started having awesome food and drinks, and that’s where everything becomes a beautiful, seamless smear of touching family moments, amazing speeches, amazing food, and a dance party that just. wouldn’t. quit.

The elephant in the room. The food. Kristen and Kevin hired John Moeller, maybe you’ve heard of him. We were chatting him up talking about French music, Simon and Garfunkel, and the Beach Boys, and then he busts out the little tidbit, in a totally modest way – that he was the chef at the White House from Bush 1 through Bush 2. Dude’s a former White House chef that’s now doing his own awesome thing locally. And when I say awesome, I mean this wasn’t just some of the best wedding food I’ve had. This was some of the best food I’ve had period. John did a pig roast, and then there was a thai noodle salad that was practically life changing, and spicy asian gravies for the pork – my mouth is watering thinking about it. I ended up shaking John’s hand so many times that night I might have creeped him out but food sometimes carries emotion with it the same way that music does, and after eating his food, I felt like I was part of the Hauck family. It was just that good.

So coming out of dinner we transitioned into a long, wandering journey of music that ebbed from Motown to indie dance tracks, to 90’s throwback high school dance type stuff. Things definitely got pumping throughout the evening and although there was a lot to do on the property, like campfire pits, cornhole, cigar lounge, we did a certifiably great job keeping people moving.

Kristen and Kevin are smart, kind, fun people to be with and their reception was a perfect reflection of them as a couple. I could talk for ages about how many neat details their wedding had but I’ll let my pictures do the talking for me. We wish Kristen and Kevin the best in their life together and hope that when they come to Lancaster they remember the awesome party they threw, and the extreme honor that it was for us to be a part of it.


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