How to Choose Introduction Songs

For any wedding to truly begin, the introductions have to be perfect. It transitions your ceremony or cocktail hour into the reception, and you need to set the mood and energy level.

To do that, you need to pick the right music and make sure your bridal party is ready to go!

The key is picking the right song. It could be Rocky’s Theme to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem to whatever you can think of! You could even rock the Star Wars theme to have some fun with it! It really depends on how adventurous your wedding party is!

We recommend picking one song for the parents, one song for the bridal party, and then another for yourselves (Bride and Groom).


Too many songs make for a herky-jerky introduction. Having just a few select songs keeps the line moving and the transitions smoother. Having a song per couple bogs the entire process down and somewhat kills the momentum.

When dealing with introductions, also think about what happens after you’ve been announced and hit the middle of the dance floor. Do you want your bridal party to head right to their seats, or do you want them to stay on the dance floor to support you when you jump right into your first dance?

These are things to think about, that help that night flow the way you dreamed of. Always having a transition plan makes everything look tighter and professional.

The not-so-secret to having a great introduction is to just have fun with it! You’re the stars, remember to take a deep breath, smile, and just go for it!

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