How to Choose Party Music

When it comes down to it, people want to hit that dance floor.

The day has been building to this one moment that lasts only a few hours, and the anxiety, nervousness of the day melt away and you let it all out on the floor. Will he say yes, will she say yes, will the sun pop out of those clouds, will the guests love the food, everything you can think of, you think about on that day. So your release is a little exercise of the dance variety!

At ProVolve Entertainment, it’s all about you. We customize each wedding to you. Not the wedding we did last week or the one we did a month ago does not set the template for yours.

Every playlist is different and unique to that couple. We talk with you about the music you’re into, the music your family and friends are into. We want to play the music that will get people moving and that’s where you come in!

In the year, or months leading up to your big day, start jotting down songs you really enjoy listening and dancing to. Download Shazam and if you’re out and about, and hear a cool song, Shazam it! Start building a “Must Play List, a “Do Not Play List” and a general era, decade, genre list.

The MUST Play List
Obviously these are the songs you MUST hear because they are your favorite songs and you know they will get the party rocking.

The Do NOT Play List

Why would you want to hear a song from a particular artist(s) you despise or reminds you of a bad moment in your life. This list helps avoid that. For example, the Chicken Dance usually ends up on this list!

The Genre/Decade List

And we find it very helpful to know what kind of genres and decades that you’re into. Are you into Big Band for cocktail hour, or 80’s rock for cocktail hour. Or Frank Sinatra-type music for dinnertime. It’s completely up to you. These lists are a helpful guideline to learning about you and your taste and keeps the DJ on track with each separate moment of the night.

Making the dance floor portion of the night a great success is a collaborative effort, and one we enjoy thoroughly!

Since no two weddings are alike, it’s impossible to tell you what you want in regards to specific songs for each moment of the night, but we can surely help you with some suggestions if you’d like. We’re here to help!

We find, since older people don’t stay out all nights, it’s best to work your way up through the decades. This way, they feel like they are involved and thought of, before the night transitions into the modern and hit music of today. Just something to think about when you organize your night!

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