How to Choose Songs for Bouquet Toss and Garter

Did you know that brides are good luck charms? No. That’s OK. Well they are, and taking home a piece of the bride has always been a way to carry some of the good luck from her wedding day home with you. That’s why for a very long time guests would try to rip pieces of the bride’s wedding dress as the newly married couple left their reception or take her bouquet of flowers while she wasn’t looking. Not into people tearing your dress or theft at your wedding? Yeah, neither were a lot of people, so they started the tradition of throwing the bouquet (a lot of brides will get an extra, smaller bouquet just for tossing) and the removal/throwing of the garter.

All of the unmarried women occupy the dance floor and the bride throws her bouquet without looking. After removing the garter from his new bride, the groom does the same with it to a dance floor full of the unmarried men. The theory is that the ones who catch the bouquet and garter are the next to get married (though, not necessarily to each other.)
These are fun moments at your wedding where the guests get to be more involved and just might get a memento to take home, and sometimes are pretty funny story to tell. Choosing the music can be tricky sometimes. You want something upbeat, fun, and in the case of the garter removal and toss, possibly a little risqué depending on your tastes and how much you think grandma can handle. Since the release of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” we have been hard pressed to find a song that more accurately fulfills the needs of the bouquet toss, but we want to give you some ideas that are outside of the norm, but by all means, if you love “Single Ladies,” go ahead and use it for your bouquet toss. But here are a few more suggestions for the bouquet toss to consider or inspire your own choice:

“Wannabe” –Spice Girls

“MoneyGrabber” –Fitz and the Tantrums

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” –Cyndi Lauper

“Glamorous” –Fergie ft. Ludacris

For the garter removal and toss you can either pick one song for both, or a song for each, but the songs below can be used for either instance.

“Nasty Naughty Boy” –Christina Aguilera

“Bad to the Bone” –Geroge Thorogood

“Danger Zone” –Kenny Loggins

“Ring of Fire” –Johnny Cash

“Keep Your Hands to Yourself” –Georgia Satellites

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