How to Choose the Father Daughter Dance

One of the oldest traditions at weddings is the Father and Bride dance.

The origins of this tradition come from the act of the father giving his daughter to her new husband, and it was actually the first dance of a wedding reception, after which the bride’s father would give her to the groom for the couple’s first dance.  This signified the father’s blessing and passing of his daughter to her new husband and the creation of their new family. Things have changed a lot over the years and now the couple’s first dance is usually the first of the formal dances at a wedding, celebrating their new union as a family.  The dances with the parents are seen as a way to celebrate and thank their families for their bond growing up and to recognize their contributions for the day.

Some people know for years what their daddy/daughter dance song will be, but for others the come looking for advice on how to pick their song.  I’m going to offer a few tips on how to pick the song and some suggestions of popular songs or recent choices that some of our brides and their dads have chosen.

  1. If there is a song that has special meaning between your father and you, go for it.  Maybe it was a song that he sang to you as a child, or you danced to at a special occasion when you were a kid.  If there’s a shared meaning to the song that you both can feel, go with it because it will really enhance the emotions of the dance.  If your guests know the meaning it can increase the emotions around the room, or if the reason behind the song is a little more obscure, but you’d like everyone to know why you chose the song you did, we as your DJ/MC can announce the meaning behind the song as we introduce you and your dad for the dance.
  2. If there’s a song that has special meaning for your dad.  Maybe it was a song that he loved growing up, or something that he and his mom shared.  Ask your dad for some input, he may or may not have an opinion, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask.
  3. Compromise.  Now, I know that sounds kind of terrible off the bat, but what I mean is if you and your dad simply can’t agree, bend in his direction just a little bit.  It’s your day, don’t get me wrong I know that, but it’s one dance and your dad will be grateful that you took his input when deciding what song to dance to with him.
  4. Have fun.  Too many brides really stress out wanting everything to be perfect, to find the perfect song for each dance and especially the ones with their dad.  Relax, enjoy it and just have fun with it.  Whatever you pick it will turn out beautifully, we promise.  Follow the steps above and you won’t regret your choice.

Now here are some popular Father-Daughter dance songs, as well as some that have been selected recently by some of our brides to give you an idea of the tempo and sentiment that is often used for this dance.

“Just Fishin’” –Trace Adkins

“Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)” –Billy Joel

“Unforgettable” –Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole

“I Loved Her First” –Heartland

“Here for You” –Neil Young

As you can see, there are a wide variety of songs that you can choose from, from classic to contemporary.  Have fun and enjoy the music!

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