Jones Recap 04/28/15

This past weekend, Eric and I had the supreme privilege of honoring Mallori Sapovchak and Travis Jones on their big day – it was so much fun, and helping them become Mr. and Mrs. Jones was something we’ll never forget. When we originally met with Mallori and Travis, they were very laid back, very easy to work with, and that attitude continued up until the very end of the wedding day.

They wanted to make sure that their big day reflected their personalities, but trusted us to develop a playlist for cocktail and dinnertimes that struck a good balance of romantic, classy, and contemporary. They decided to have the Fireside Tavern host the event – which was a treat for us, we’d helped the Neiss’s tie the knot there a few years back but were itching to return. It’s a great venue, the staff there is on-point, very attentive and detail-oriented. We were working with Amanda Kramer, and she was on top of the whole evening.



Mallori and Travis had lots of little details in their decorations that made the reception very personal. We see lots of couples that have personalized touches in their guest books, and neat decorations, but they really went above and beyond. Eric and I commented how neat their idea was for the favors – in lieu of traditional favors, they had little gift-wrapped bags of cookies. One cookie was a puzzle piece, the other was a paw-print. And they were delicious. The ‘icing’, if you will, was that they money they would have spent on favors was instead donated to two good causes, one that benefited autism research and one that benefited a Pitbull advocacy/rescue organization called Pitties Love Peace. It was a neat twist on the whole ‘favor’ tradition, one that we hope we see more of. People helping people. It’s a good thing.













So Dinner was delicious, Fireside cooks amazing food, especially the Tomato Bisque, which we were informed was featured in Bon Appetit magazine. We each could have had another helping. Or three. It was that tasty.

Cocktail and Dinnertime were similar playlists – we’ve done enough of these to know what works and what doesn’t, so we built a list around a few cornerstones, and scaled from there using some of the folksy-indie tracks that Mallori and Travis had said that they liked. It was a really nice evening.

When dance times hit, people came out in droves. There were about 200 people there, and at one point, I’m pretty sure nearly everyone was dancing. There were a few very, very memorable moments, including Mallori’s brother doing the worm, and not one, but TWO very young girls catching the bouquet despite Mallori’s best efforts to direct it to the cluster of eligible bachelorettes. It was a hoot.

Eric and I were very happy to have been a part of Travis and Mallori’s wedding! Keep your eyes peeled on Nicola Herring Photography for some photos soon – she was also a pleasure to work with and we hope to see her again in the season.

Have a great week everyone – this coming weekend we’ll be helping the Ryans tie the knot in Lancaster, so there will be a recap around this time next week.

As always, we wish you good times, and good tunes!

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  • Cindy jones says:

    you weRe amazing!!! Great mix of humor, romance and INTERACTION with the crowd! I hIghly recommend you for any event. What a perfect blend Of professionalism and personalization! Thank you so much!

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