Krauter Recap 7/12/15

Hey everyone! When I said we were busy this weekend I wasn’t just joshing, as I am wont to do. Sunday of this past weekend Eric and I helped Sarah Moll and Jon Krauter tie the knot at the Yellow Barn in Landis Valley Museum. LVM is a great venue for couples looking for an authentic barn/farm experience, but are interested in a very compact footprint and the advantages that can provide. We love working at LVM any chance we get and to be frank (also wont to being), Eric and I were completely blown away by how awesome this wedding was.

First off, the ceremony was amazing. Sarah and Jon couldn’t have picked a more amazing day to get married, and the center courtyard of the LVM area was beaming. You could tell that all the guests were just amazingly supportive and loved the couple so much. We see support and love at every wedding we’re involved in, but this one, you could feel it in the air.


DSC_4028 DSC_4039


After the ceremony we stayed right there in the courtyard area and moved into the cocktail hour. Sarah and Jon wanted happy love music from both pop, country, and indie realms, and we put together this list to fulfill that vision.

Sarah and Jon included details in their wedding that made the whole experience feel very homey and family-focused. We loved the decorations; we’d never seen table centerpieces like that before! Definitely a unique touch.

Dinner was provided by Du Jour Catering, a longtime favorite of the Lancaster area, and we were happy to see them! Dinner was, as you’d expect, delicious. We kept a similar feel for the dinner playlist – the couple had a soft spot for a number of the artists on it and we built up from there.

We did a few key dances, like the parent dances, and moved into the evening’s party-time. I cannot understate how nuts of a party was had by all. Every. Single. Guest. seemed to activate party mode at the exact same time, and I’m pretty sure we could have played Mozart and these awesome guests would have found the beat and danced to it. It’s always an incredibly humbling experience, to DJ a wedding like this, because it reminds us of how and why we got started – bringing great parties to great people, and renews that sense of mission and purpose, especially in the throes of the hot, busy, DJ season. Sarah and Jon, along with their guests, were just what the doctor ordered.

DSC_4051 DSC_4059

Additionally, Sarah and Jon utilized our photobooth – we’re pretty sure that judging from these photos, a great time was had by all. Make sure you tag yourself!



We wish the Krauters the best of luck in their marriage and hope that they had as much fun as we did!

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