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When ProVolve started 5 years ago, I met with a local business consultant to talk strategy. I had been a DJ for many years but I wanted this business to operate at a higher level than my previous ventures.

In my informal conversation with this business consultant, he shared something that is pretty common sense: Never publicly share political or controversial opinions as a business. Makes sense, right?

You will never see a blog post, Twitter update, or Facebook status about our political beliefs, we will never engage in religious debate, and we will never editorialize about something controversial.

But something big happened yesterday in Pennsylvania. As I’m sure most of you who are reading this may know, a Federal judge ruled that PA’s Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. This came yesterday, May 20, and as of writing this blog post, Governor Tom Corbett and PA’s Attorney General have no plans to appeal this judge’s decision.

This is the part of the story where I will put aside the advice I received 5 years ago and give you my opinion:


I could go on and on with why this is awesome, but I don’t need to. We all know this is right and honestly, it is about time.

So kudos, PA! Now let’s get the whole US on board with what makes sense, love.

– Eric & the ProVolve Entertainment Team

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