Makrinos Wedding Recap, Ironstone Ranch Wedding

Hey everyone! We had an awesome weekend, but a busy one! You can definitely tell we’re in our busy season and the weather outside just gets better and better. Late last week, we were *praying* for good weather going into TWO outdoor ceremonies over the weekend, and those prayers were answered.

On Friday, we helped Sara Howenstine and Stephen Makrinos become Mister and Misses Makrinos. They chose to hold their big day at Ironstone Ranch, and I’m telling you guys, it just gets better and better there. Sara and Steve were going for a very fun and upbeat wedding atmosphere that was detail-oriented around the farm experience on the front end, and then party-focused on the back end. It did not (and we did not) disappoint!


Their ceremony was held in the apple orchard very close to the barn and it was beautiful. Sara opted, as many brides do, to have the horse-drawn carriage bring her in to the ceremony. It really is amazing, and Eric and I get choked up each time.


First Dance

Their intros went off without a hitch and we went into the first dance. You could really tell how relieved they were that everything went awesome and before you knew it we were listening to toasts, having dinner, and doing parents dances.


Father Daughter Dance


Cake Cutting

Party times were epic! We had such a good time with this couple because they really made the focus of back half of the reception on the party – more and more and more couples are opting out of a lot of the traditions just to make more time for dancing and hanging out. It really gives the party a laid-back vibe for those in attendance and we can safely say that they were definitely picking up what we were puttin’ down. It was also really cool because there was a very large number of PSU students/grads and whenever we find that out we know it’s gonna be a party!

Congrats Stephen and Sara! We hope you have fun on your honeymoon and look forward to this new chapter of your lives!


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