Mastrangelo Recap 3/7/15

The first wedding of the season! Eric and I were hugely exited to kick things off on a high note with Jeff and Kate, and their wedding exceeded even our expectations in terms of classiness, vibe, and just plain fun!

Jeff and Kate’s wedding was this past Saturday (3/7/15) at the Inn at Leola Village. The Inn, if you’ve never been there, is a completely classic Lancaster Landmark – it’s one of our all-time favorite venues to not only be a guest at, but also DJ. I (Mike) knew Jeff through my wife’s work, and we were honored when he reached out; we say it a lot, but when someone we know trusts us with the biggest day of their lives, we don’t take it lightly.

Jeff, Kate, Eric and I had gotten together a handful of times for drinks to discuss their vision for the reception. They were super-easy to talk to, and we discussed at length what kind of music they liked, what kind of people were going to be attending the reception, and what personal marks they wanted to make sure got into the big day.

So the big day came! Eric and I were so stoked we got there a little early and watched some of the ceremony. They had an instrumentalist for the intimate nuptials, and standing in the kitchen, it all looked and sounded awesome. Once the ceremony was over, we started setting up and the Inn’s staff kicked everything into high gear. By the time the cocktail hour was over, the doors opened up and people started trickling in.

One of the neatest touches about Jeff and Kate’s wedding was that they had a painter there to paint in real time the events that were taking place. Her name is Joan, The Event Painter, and it was something that we’d never seen before. Very unique – all throughout the evening, you could walk up and see what she was working on. Truly a one-of-a-kind touch that really impressed us.

The other thing that really impressed us was how on-point the catering and event staff was at the Inn at Leola Village. Many event coordinators apply pressure to make sure that things go on time. The people that we worked with seemed completely in control of everything while coming off as relaxed and enjoying themselves. It really set the tone for an awesome evening.






After the dynamic introductions, toasts, a welcome, and a blessing, we went into dinner. Jeff and Kate wanted a dinner list that was somewhat modern love, but also tinged with Kate’s love of neo-country, which we mixed in later in the dinner hour. Sprinkled in throughout dinner was their first dance, their parent dances, and greeting of the tables.


First Dance


Mother-Son Dance


Father-Daughter Dance

Once the dinner was over, we moved on to the cake cutting. They’d selected a neat song for the cake cutting – ‘Bonfire Hearts’ by James Blunt, which is a song that we thought worked perfectly.


Cake Cutting

And boy oh boy, when it came time to dance, this crowd came ready to cut loose. I don’t know if it was the cold weather and all that pent-up energy, or what – but Jeff and Kate are truly blessed with friends and family that know how to have a good time, and as a result, WE had a great time, too!



We wish Jeff and Kate all the best as they start their lives together. The first wedding of the season is sometimes one that flies by for us because we’re getting back into the groove of things, but Eric and I both said to each other at some point during the evening that this wedding was so awesome that it made us feel like we never had a holiday break – we’re right back in the saddle, and we have the Jeff, Kate, and their friends and family to thank for that.

Here’s some selected tracks from their dinner list:

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