Meet Andrew Bunty

Andrew Bunty has been a ProVolve DJ since 2012 and is a funny, laid-back DJ who cares about music and ensuring that you and your guests have a blast!

1. What’s your favorite thing about DJ’ing weddings?
I really enjoy the final meeting and conversation with couples to nail down their details, especially if they don’t have a wedding coordinator. As the DJ, not only do we set the mood of the night, but we keep things running smoothly. I like being able to offer tips and and advice on how I’ve seen things go well and where couples have run into trouble. We’ve done this dozens of times, you are hopefully only doing it once. My experience can really be beneficial to a couple. And of course, I love a good party.

2. Describe an interesting DJ story.
I have helped two couples in the past two years with minimal notice. The first was when a fellow DJ company and the couple miscommunicated about the date. The bride contacted them a week before the wedding about going over final details since the wedding was the next Saturday and everyone had been talking about a date a week later for over a year. Needless to say everyone was a bit panicked, but I was able to step in and provide a killer night for the couple and their friends and family. The other was when some friends thought they had the services of another friend who’s a pretty well known/active DJ from the area. About six weeks before their wedding, they realized he already was booked for their date, and again I was able to come in and save their wedding day.

3. What’s your favorite wedding song?
It’s not one of the “traditional” wedding songs, but I would have to say “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire. It’s a great classic dance song that you can play early and get people out of their seats and moving.

4. What commonly-played song at weddings do you dislike?
Hands down, “Watch Me” by Silento

5. What’s a genre of music people would be surprised to learn you listen to?
Showtunes. I married a musical theater person, it comes with the territory. I’ve also been digging on the “Hamilton” soundtrack recently too, but who hasn’t? Amiright?

6. What’s your favorite TV show?

7. What’s your favorite movie?
“High Fidelity” I had a man crush on John Cusack for a long time, and I worked in a corporate record store for many years. It hit home in so many ways. Plus, Jack Black sings Marvin Gaye for the win.

8. Where did you go to college and what was your major?
I went to Temple University and majored in English. Which means I have all of the best words, really the greatest words you’ll ever see.

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