Meet Declan Murphy

Declan Murphy – Incredible DJ, die-hard Boston sports fan, and super laid-back dude.

1. What’s your favorite thing about DJ’ing weddings?
Meeting new couples and learning about their hopes and dreams for their big day. I would never assume that what I played last week, would work the following week. That’s why I like to get to know the couple, and find out what music makes them feel happy, feel joy, feel comfortable, feel energized. There are tons of feelings you have on your wedding day, and the DJ wants to tap into that. A perfectly placed song during just the right moment, can be remembered forever. You can trace a distant memory just on hearing a song alone. It’s pretty magical.

2. Describe an interesting DJ story.
Though my playlists are geared towards the bride and groom and my job is to make sure they hear their songs and have a good time, I also want to make sure their guests are also enjoying the music. A few years ago, at a Hamilton Ballroom wedding at Wheatland Place (Lancaster, PA), a grandfather gave me the thumbs down during the dinner hour. Maybe I had the music too loud, or maybe he didn’t like the music at all; I wasn’t sure. As the evening continued, the dance music kicked in. At some point, I looked up and saw the same grandfather shaking his groove thang! After the evening came to an end, I saw the grandfather as he picked up his jacket and started his walk toward the exit. He looked over to me and gave two thumbs up and a smile. Not sure why this has stayed with me all these years. Perhaps it’s the two moments of communication, without any words, that let me know how this particular guest was doing. Or, maybe it’s knowing I was able to turn things around for him while also keeping the larger group of guests on their feet and having fun!

3. What’s your favorite wedding song?
James Brown – Get Up Offa That Thing. It’s funky, fun and energetic. I find it a great way to start off the dance floor because it’s in stark contrast with the soft and melodic sounds of what we listened to for the last 45 minutes during dinner.

4. What commonly-played song at weddings do you dislike?
Macarena. PERIOD.

5. Favorite bar in Central PA?
Bulls Heads in Lititz, PA.

6. What’s something about you most people wouldn’t know when they first meet you?
Born in Ireland.

7. Name the best concert you ever attended and why was it awesome?
Coldplay at Hershey Park. They put on an amazing show.

8. Favorite sport and team.
Every team from Boston: Red Sox, Celtics, Revolution, Patriots and Bruins.

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