Meet DJ Ben Garner

Get to know Ben Garner: Gifted musician, talented DJ, father of 2, veteran, and all-around good guy!

1. What’s your favorite thing about DJ’ing weddings?
Meeting with couples and knowing that they left with a sense of relief and security that someone sincerely cares about their event and that they can focus on being married. I love seeing that sigh of relief and when couples say “ we feel so much better about this.”

2. Describe an interesting DJ story.
I met with a bride to be and her two sisters for a wedding consultation. We all hit off immediately, we talked about “bad DJ stories” where one DJ broke out 30 tambourines and the bride and groom knew nothing of it. We also talked about what kind of music she liked, the entire table and those around us chuckled when she said her first CD was the Shrek sound track…”

3. What’s your favorite wedding song?
It’s actually a medley of songs, for some reason everyone ends up dancing to, Superstation, Funky Music white boy and or Brick House. So it’s not my favorite, but I like it because most of you like it. ☺

4. What commonly-played song at weddings do you dislike?
Geez, I know it’s a staple for the younger generation (thankfully it’s losing momentum) it’s not that I super dislike the song, but I hear the words “whip and nae nae” like 30 times a night when DJing. I’ll play it when requested, no problem! Only once though… 😉

5. What’s a genre of music people would be surprised to learn you listen to?
90s RnB, it just feels right sometimes.

6. Favorite bar in Central PA?
I’m a York, PA Cat, Holy Hound, hands down, especially since they got those amazing chefs!

7. What’s something about you most people wouldn’t know when they first meet you?
That I metal detect and am fairly good at impersonating accents.

8. Name the best concert you ever attended and why was it awesome?
Counting crows concert, I was so impressed with how Adam Duritz sang different melodys and messed with the songs right there on the spot. I loved it. Everyone expect to hear the song “Mr. Jones” exactly how it’s played on the album, that was not the case and I felt like I was seeing a one of a kind show.

9. List your Top 5 favorite bands.

  • The Revivalists
  • Leon Bridges
  • Dawes
  • NewworldSon
  • Space Capone

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