Mike’s Favorite Album of 2015

Muse – Drones
I remember the first time I heard Muse – I sat there in stunned silence listening to this synth-rock soundscape, wondering where it had been all my life. It was like Radiohead had a baby with Queen, and cranked the gain up on their amps to 11. It had such balls, and every song had such a clear vision and hook. Atypical chord progressions in amazing ways, and typical chord progressions in amazing ways. They are theatrical in their performance, their lyrics, and their production, and if you’re looking for a bit of musical drama to spice up your workday, I highly recommend their entire catalog. It’s riffy.
One thing that goes unnoticed today is a good 3-piece rock band. You see these indie bands that perform live with like 35 members, desperately trying to perform what was on the record – to satisfy the original artistic vision that sounded so good in the studio. And then you’ve got Muse, a 3 piece rock band with great instrumentalists that are also all vocalists. Seeing them perform is a treat because you get a lot of bang for the buck, in terms of what they’re able to accomplish and create with a slimmer act.
That’s a performance worth watching the whole way through. Bellamy knows how to work a microphone; they get studio quality just about every time they perform.
So I picked that album because the new material on it is right in line with what they’ve always done. It’s great stuff.
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