Peiffer Wedding at Historic Shady Lane

Hey all! This is Mike checking in and letting you know that we are here today to discuss another AMAZING wedding that we had at Historic Shady Lane.

This wedding was with Addy and Nate Peiffer, and they were the coolest couple to work with. Totally laid back, knew what they were looking for in their soundtrack, and were definitely interested in partying when the time came! Definitely our kind of couple, and bringing that party for them was an honor and a privilege.

As always, Historic Shady Lane was beautiful, and they had it completely decked out. Lots of little details made their big day their own and I wanted to be sure that I captured a lot of those details with some of these shots.

DSC_6258 DSC_6252 DSC_6253 DSC_6254 DSC_6255 DSC_6256

Nate and Addy definitely wanted a dinner playlist that echoed the songs that they fell in love to, as well as their own romantic style. We took a couple songs as a starting off point and built out from there.


Believe you me, when dinner was over, the parent dances and the cake cutting were done – their crowd was ready to party! We kept the party going until 10PM and then they headed out for parts unknown!

We wish the Peiffers the best of luck in their new marriage and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!

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