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Hello ProVolve world! DJ Cruz coming at you with my first wedding recap!

Have you ever hired a DJ and they dropped you, and then you hired another DJ and they suddenly can’t DJ for you?

That’s exactly what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Ian Trump! Luckily, I was available and stepped in to rock their wedding, TWO WEEKS before they were to be married on May 26.

The beautiful venue, Pleasant View Farm B&B recommended us to them.

The sense of urgency was high, my music was ready, and when their wedding night hit, it was nothing short of a raging party. That’s because we hashed out a detailed schedule quickly and I got to know their music tastes in a short amount of time via text and some phone calls. The night turned out AWESOME. They told me to do my thing and get the people going. That’s exactly how a DJ should handle short notice gigs. Get to know your couple, make sure you’re all on the same page, and rock the night with your honed in dance floor mixing. Christine expressed her interest in dancing the night away and Ian wanted to “PARTY!”

Cocktail and dinner hours were mixed and filled with Country hits such as:
– Get Me Some of That by Thomas Rhett
– She’s Everything by Brad Paisley
– Mad Love by Canaan Smith

Transitions went smoothly, as all the planned traditions were kept inside the main “party barn” as they call it, due to light rain. The rain did not stop Christine or Ian or the guests from dancing. Once the dance floor opened, the guests hit the floor quick! Before I knew it, I had all the guests getting groovy to hits like:
– Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake
– Animals by Martin Garrix
– GDFR by Flo Rida
– Play Something Country by Brooks & Dunn

The night rocked! If it weren’t for the venues end time, the guests and newlyweds would definitely have partied the whole night! I can say it was one of the most energetic crowds I’ve dj’d for. It was a pleasure to see Ian and Christine get married and dance as much as they did. They are a cool couple with great musical tastes and love to dance! I wish them many moons of love and happiness.

Thank you Pleasant View Farm for recommending them to us! Can’t wait to rock another wedding there!

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