ProVolve Is About To Get Lighter…

Mike and Eric are about to start a pretty personal series on ProVolveEntertainment.com

“We are constantly surrounded by amazing food and drinks at gigs – cake, amazing dinners, endless coffee, and soda – all available at weddings. And the fact that we’re both dads of small children probably adds to our weight gain.” – Eric.

According to Eric, he’s gained 20 pounds since his daughter was born in November 2012.

So what’s gonna happen?
Mike and Eric are going to lose weight. Almost 50 pounds between the two of them.

I currently weigh 218. I used to weigh a lot more, but after I got married I shucked a lot of weight running. At my lowest, I was 165, pre-marathon. Since then, I’ve put on some sympathy weight, and fell out of running due to a stressful and volatile schedule. Lot of late nights and early mornings. I’d like to lose 20 pounds just to make me a little lighter on my feet, lower my RHR by 10bpm.

I weigh 252! This is nuts to me. It is the absolute heaviest I’ve ever weighed. I want to drop down to 215. I want to run a 5K this fall. And another. And then another.

I want more energy to play with my girls. Most importantly, I want my girls to grow up with a healthy, active father.

Why do you have to post online?
Mike and I are very social people. Our DJ company is a social organization. We are in the business of relating to others. So what better way to share something a bit personal, than by doing it in a public way?

But most importantly for Mike and I, since we’re such close friends, we’re doing this together. It helps that we see each other so often and that we live in the same neighborhood.

A major bonus would be if we inspire a bride, a groom, friends, family, complete strangers to join us in our weight loss!

How often will you post?
We’ll post once per month on the 13th.

We’ll post what we weigh, our victories and/or struggles, milestones, recipes, and anything else we find helpful. 

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