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This past Saturday, Andrew was honored to DJ the ceremony and reception of the new Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Erica Putt. Kevin and Erica were referred to us by our good friend Melissa Martin from Stylish Occasions, Melissa and I had talked on several occasions about different weddings, but this was the first time we were actually able to work together.  It was nice to finally meet face to face.

Kevin and Erica love the outdoors, and their wedding really showcased that passion in their lives, starting with their ceremony location: The Breezy View Overlook Gazebo at Chickies Rock. Saturday started out a wet and dreary day, but luckily the rain ended mid-morning and the clouds broke about a half hour before the ceremony started. The Breezy View definitely lived up to its name, while the sun came up and the temperatures rose, the wind definitely kept us awake, but who can complain with view like this:

Kevin and Eric decided to go with an unplugged ceremony, meaning they asked guests to refrain from taking pictures during the ceremony, to help them be more present in the moment and not interfere with the professional photographer. This is a trend that is becoming more popular and you may want to contemplate for your own wedding, nothing worse than a professional picture of your first kiss with Uncle Larry standing in the middle of the aisle obstructing the photographer’s view. So to stay true to their request, I myself did not take any pictures of their ceremony, but did get some shots of the space before the ceremony started, which will come later.

After the ceremony it was off to Millersville University’s Bolger Conference Center for the reception. This is a pretty familiar venue for ProVolve, as Mike and Eric are alumni of MU, Declan and I have done several weddings there and our own Eric had his reception there as well. This being my fourth of fifth time there, I was still impressed with how much Kevin and Eric were able to add their personality to the room through the decor.

Notice all the greenery on the tables, remember that love the of the outdoors, that theme carried through the night. The centerpieces were pieces of tree trunk, with evergreen branches and mason jars filled with lights to simulate fireflies. Being a sucker for unique table names, I loved that Kevin and Erica used names of places where they had spent time hiking and climbing for the tables.

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention one thing.  All of the amazing woodwork that are in the pictures so far were done by the groom himself. Kevin has a real enthusiasm for woodworking and that was apparent in the decor of the reception. Take a look a few of his other creations for his big day.

There are a lot of jokes about the groom not really having much input on the wedding, but with that much craftsmanship on display, I’d say that Kevin had a major role in the look and feel of the wedding. And it all looked great.

A few weeks before the wedding, Erica had e-mailed me and said she wanted to do something special to surprise Kevin during their reception. When we met, we had talked about the possibility of karaoke, but that isn’t something we are set up to do. Erica still wanted to sing a song for Kevin. So just before the cake cutting, Erica took the mic and sang the Sara Evans version “I Could Not Ask For More.” The looks they shared and the emotion in her voice showed how much these two are in love. In fact, they met about 18 years ago, but the timing wasn’t right between them until just a few years ago. It proves that if someone really is the one for you, it will work out in the end.

The rest of the night, there was dancing and conversation and a good time had by all. Thanks to Kevin and Erica for having ProVolve at your big day and we wish you many years of happiness together!

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