Reade Wedding at Stokesay Castle

Hey All! Just another wedding recap, this time for Matthew and Lauryn, the new Reades!


They chose to have their wedding at Stokesay Castle in the Reading, PA area, and when we heard that we would be working a wedding in a castle, we were very excited because Eric and I consider ourselves to be royalty among wedding entertainment.


We actually met the Reades when we did Lauryn’s *sister’s* wedding, the Mastrangelo’s, back early last year at the Inn At Leola Village. That was a great time, and we were excited that someone else in their family was willing to trust their partytimes to us. Anytime we get a family referral, it really means a lot, and we’d get to see Jeff and Kate again, so huge bonus!


The music that the Reades had selected for dinnertime was a solid list of the best romantic, downtempo top 40, as well as a generous helping of new romantic country thrown in. It really matched the room well, complemented the whole aesthetic that we were there to support, and we got a few compliments on the way it transitioned from one genre to another. Pat on the back there.


Once we opened the dance floor up, it became clear to us that this crowd wanted to party. And party. And party! The only bummer was that we wanted MORE time to keep the party going, but alas, all good things must come to an end. One really neat thing that happened was Matt’s family led a demonstration on a traditional Greek dance that completely transported the room to a whole different place – people were going nuts, it was just a heck of a good time for everyone involved, myself included.

Congrats, Reades! Can’t wait to see you again at the next wedding, hope married life is as fun for you as your wedding was for us!

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