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This past weekend, we found ourselves back at the Armstrong Valley Winery helping Nicki and Tug celebrate their nuptials. It was a really, really memorable time in so many little details – let’s dive in!

First of all, we found Nicki online because we run a special discount deal for couples that went to the same College as Eric and I. So she found us through that channel, and we were delighted to work with someone from our alma mater. We’d met with her last year to begin planning her reception and she talked about how she wanted it to be comfortable, laid back, friendly, and FUN! So we went into it knowing that it would be very much within our wheelhouse.

Their little details throughout the entire reception were well-thought-out, and all of it was very kid-friendly. The toasts were great – it’s the second time in two weeks that I’ve heard a toast at the Armstrong Valley Winery where there was a good ‘theme’ that ran underneath what was said. So a tip of my hat there!

One thing that made this wedding a little different from the weddings we’ve worked over this year is that there was a very substantial biker contingent in attendance. This made for a really fun element, so a lot of the festivities had a motorcycling vibe. Tug’s really involved in a lot of the local motorcycling organizations, and they all had their bikes parked along the backside of the ceremony area.

Once again, The Uncommon Caterer provided an unforgettable meal and dessert – we had seconds, and I think that there were people there that went back for thirds!

At the end of the evening, we all went outside for a sparkler sendoff, and Nicki and Tug rode off into the night on Tug’s totally baller bike. They were such a fun couple to work with, and rather than share some of their dinner and cocktail playlists, I’ll share what they used for the ceremony because I think they were perfect choices.


The Piano Guys – A Thousand Years
Ben Folds – The Luckiest
Here We Stand – New Wedding Ceremony Song
Adam Sandler – Grow Old With You

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