Sheaffer Recap 7/5/2015

Hey all! This is Mike checking in with this week’s recap of this past weekend’s wedding at Strock’s Farm in Mechanicsburg, PA. We were there to help celebrate Jessica and Ryan Sheaffer on their big day. It was the first time that we’d done a wedding at Strock’s Farm in Mechanicsburg – there aren’t too many venues in PA that we haven’t worked yet so to have a brand new one was a treat. From start to finish Jessica and Ryan’s wedding was one of the most fun weddings that we’ve had the honor of serving this year, and they brought a lot of special details to the day that we won’t soon forget.



The ceremony was held down by the farmhouse on the property, under a *massive* maple tree. Jessica’s grandmother played acoustic guitar and sang some hymns in the moments leading up to the ceremony, and Jessica and Ryan had asked us to play some Sungha Jung instrumental music before that during the preceremony time. We find that having music playing as people are filtering in helps add some ambiance to the moment, and helps diffuse some of the uncomfortableness of people getting situated and finding their seats. Let me tell you – Sungha Jung is an amazing musician, and while we typically play Vitamin String Quartet type music during preceremony times, we’ll be using Jung more often, for couples that may want something other than strings. It’s just like VSQ, but with fingerpicked acoustic guitar. Really classy stuff. Their 9mo old son Lennon was with them, and he’s like the cutest kid ever. It was hard not to get choked up looking at the three of them at the altar.


Their ceremony was beautiful, and when it was over the guests made their way up to the barn for cocktail hour. Cocktail hour was great – Jessica and Ryan were hoping for something along the lines of Dave Matthews, Regina Spektor, Feist, and some indie/neo-country thrown in for good measure.

Dinner was the most awesome family-style cookout buffet that I’ve ever seen – we’ve seen a surge in down-home, family-style barbeques lately, with deliciously casual stuff that you just can’t resist. The Sheaffers had hamburgers, hot-dogs, mac-and-cheese, and all of my ‘danger foods.’ Don’t get me wrong, the wedding food that we have is always great – but there’s something just so honest and genuine about this kind of food for Eric and I – it makes the whole dinner hour take on a family-reunion feel, and that in no small way contributed to the connection that we felt with this couple. It was like being there for a family gathering, and that’s what weddings are about, right? For their music, Jessica and Ryan were looking for an indie-flavored playlist, but one with a specific gestalt that I was eager to nail. When we met, she said, ‘I want it to be fun. I want it to be airy, bouncy, and upbeat. No sleepy stuff.’

Dancing times, as always, was a hoot. Jessica and Ryan’s family and friends came to dance and hang out, and we did so until the bitter end, reaching back for some 90’s throwback tunes that turned the Strock’s Barn into a time machine of nostalgia and threatened to leave us there in the 90’s, stranded to relive digipets, the dawn of the information age, and Y2K. But, alas, the evening had to come to a close, and we ended up making friends with a lot of the people who hung out to accompany us on our fantastic voyage to simpler times.

One noteworthy aspect of this wedding was the fact that we gave our new photobooth a test drive! We encounter a lot of weddings that involve photobooths and there are a lot of great photobooth vendors in the area that can give you a fully-enclosed, printing photobooth with all the bells and whistles. We talk to a lot of brides and grooms that really just want something a little smaller and simpler, a way for guests to have fun with the souped-up-selfie experience, but maybe don’t have the budget or the space for an all-out setup. Our photobooth is small, can be positioned anywhere, and runs off an iPad to keep things easy. It doesn’t print, but does upload to social networks or email the photos to you. It’s super easy, and great for couples who want an option between *nothing* and *everything*.

Check out the night’s photos here!

Anyway, we had a blast with Jessica and Ryan – they are definitely the kind of people we love working with; the kind of people that we could see ourselves actually hanging out with as friends. We wish them the best of luck in their marriage, as parents, and will be seeing them soon at other weddings this season that we’re doing for members of their bridal party. Have a great week, everyone!

Photo Credit to Landon Wise Photography for the awesome photos!











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