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On June 20th, Andrew had the honor of DJing the reception of the new Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Ericka Smith. This was a special honor not just because Craig and Ericka were awesome people, but Ericka and ProVolve Entertainment’s own Eric go way back to childhood as friends. We love being able to celebrate with friends old and new, and when the goes that far back it’s always a special treat.


Katie Schmitt – Photographer

Besides beautiful and awesome, there is only one way to describe Craig and Ericka’s wedding. That is, Wettest. Wedding. Ever. The ceremony, cocktail and reception were held at the Cedar’s Grove of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon in Harrisburg and it was really nice, quite locale for a wedding. There was lots of green space, and at the bottom of the hill a creek wound around the property. It was very serene. But we were also subject to the elements, and rain it did. From ominous clouds when I arrived to torrential downpour and thunderstorms for most of the evening, but despite all the weather obstacles, there was still a beautiful wedding and a fun filled reception.


What do you do when you plan an outdoor ceremony and it starts torrentially raining twenty minutes before you plan to start? Plan B obviously. The ceremony chairs were in no shape to be used and it would have taken too long to dry them, so Craig and some of his friends pulled the chairs from the dinner tables and arranged them under the pavilion for the ceremony.

plan b

The pastor noted during the ceremony that he had seen brides arrive in many ways throughout the years, but this was the first time he had seen someone arrive via Yukon and escorted with a golf umbrella. I can say that was a first for me as well.

ericka walkin

Craig and Ericka set up their day in a bit of a unique fashion. They had two cocktail hours, one before the ceremony and one after while they had pictures taken. They also decided not to do most of the traditional events, but did have a first dance together.

first dance

After dinner, the dance floor filled up and was full all night. Much fun was had by everyone there, despite the rain. In fact, the rain made it quite a memorable experience.

Congratulations Craig and Ericka, I hope you had an amazing time in Hawaii and thanks for having ProVolve Entertainment be a part of your big day!

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