Smith Wedding at Historic Shady Lane

Hey everyone! Mike here with another recap of another amazing wedding – this time, we had the honor of helping Heather Frye and Andrew Smith become Mister and Misses Smith! They’d selected Historic Shady Lane as their wedding venue,  we couldn’t have been happier about that because HSL is one of our favorite places to work, but we’ll get to all the reasons why that is in just a moment. The most important thing is to set the stage for what Heather and Andrew were like, how cool they were, and how their big day was a perfect reflection of who they seemed to be as a couple.

So first, when we’d met with them, they made it clear that they thought that their guests would want to party. Second, they had a clear vision for the aesthetic driving the visuals in the space at HSL. It sounded like Heather, Andrew, and their support network would be putting in a lot of work to get the space the way they wanted it, and we were excited to help develop playlists that would serve as a soundtrack counterpoint to the stunning visuals that the guests would enjoy. In the end, they loved awesome music, and it made it very easy for us to help pad out their playlists because it was mostly stuff that we’d listen to anyway!

Historic Shady Lane is an amazing venue, but one of the risks you run with an outdoor wedding is inclement weather. After the WEEKS of rainy weather it was looking like the creekside-rose-garden area that they were looking to do the ceremony was going to be muddy or flooded, but we knew that as long as the rain held out there would be space up closer to the greenhouse that would work perfectly. The ceremony came, and the skies opened up. It was epic.

DSC_6110 (1280x848) DSC_6120 (1280x848)DSC_6111 (1280x848)

After the ceremony we just turned our speakers around and we were ready for the cocktail hour right there at the Greenhouse. The Smiths love indie and other kinds of music that we’re also into, so we just teased out a list that we guarantee you’ll like if you’re into that stuff too.

Then the guests entered the reception space and were treated to the stunning visuals that I’d alluded to earlier. I mean, look at all this!

DSC_6122 (1280x848) DSC_6124 (1280x848) DSC_6127 (1280x848) DSC_6125 (1280x848) DSC_6128 (1280x848) DSC_6126 (1280x848) DSC_6123 (1280x848) DSC_6115 (1280x848) DSC_6113 (1280x848) DSC_6114 (1280x848) DSC_6112 (1280x848)


It’s really amazing, one of the most intricate weddings we’ve seen there yet!

First dances and dinnertimes came next, and they’d picked out some pretty neat music for dinnertimes and their parent dances. If you’re looking for something in the realm of Rat-Pack meets Beatles meets Billy Joel, this might be your ticket!

DSC_6140 (1280x848) DSC_6135 (1280x848) DSC_6132 (1280x848)Then we opened up the dance floor after  cake cutting and the night went off without a hitch! They had a lot of fun activities there – cornhole, the photobooth, a sparker send off, it was a real blast. It seemed like their guests were having a great time (especially when we got into the 90’s-2000’s throwback stuff), so we were very happy with the way it all turned out!

DSC_6151 (1280x848)We wish the newlyweds love and happiness as they start their married life together. They seemed so happy on their big day and if every single one of their days is just a hundredth as happy as they seemed, I think they’ll have a very, very happy life together. Cheers to the Smiths, hope to bump into you at a wedding soon!

PS: Want to see the debauchery of their photobooth? Click here!



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