Songs That Touched Eric’s Soul in 2014

1) Budapest – George Ezra

This is by far, my favorite song of 2014.

The gist of the song: the narrator will leave all of his earthly possessions (his house in Budapest, hidden treasure chest, golden grand piano, a beautiful castillo [castle and furnishings]) for his beloved.

This really speaks to me in my life in 2014.

I have a wonderful wife, an amazing 2 year old daughter and a beautiful little 2 month old. And nothing that I own will ever be more valuable to me than my family. I love them so much and I’d do anything for them.

Not only is a great song lyrically, but I love George Ezra’s vocals and the track’s instrumentation.


2) Take Me to Church – Hozier

Ok, seriously. What other words can I use to describe this song besides sexy, sexual, sensual?

The music, the voice, the lyrics: unlike ANYTHING that exists in mainstream music these days. It’s a smart song, both lyrically and musically.

The rhythm, the pianos, the drums – it’s all perfect.

Also, I’ll keep this PG: Take Me to Church is a metaphor for the hot and dirty kind of ‘you-know-what’. And actually, the song drips of metaphors like one sweats during ‘you-know-what’.

Bonus: Here’s an article about why this song was so huge in 2014.

3) Jackie and Wilson – Hozier

Hozier back-to-back? 


I think if I wrote a post about my favorite new artist of 2014, I’d have to write about Hozier.

This track, though. I love it.

The guitars/drums. Listen to it with headphones. Good headphones. The slightly distorted vocals? Love ’em.

Music trivia: Hozier is Irish. Van Morrison is (Northern) Irish. Van Morrison has a song called “Jackie Wilson Said” – coincidence?


4) My Silver Lining – First Aid Kit

I discovered this band a few years ago and absolutely love their track, “Emmylou.”

They’re a pair of Swedish sisters who sing American-style Country-Folk and their harmonies are killer.

I love this song. I love these girls. Their music is so relaxing and their talent is evident in this track.


5) The Soundmaker – Rodrigo y Gabriela

I love Classical guitar.

My family is from Colombia, South America so I grew up with Latin American music which features the classical (nylon string) guitar in many of its sub-genres (namely Flamenco).

Also, I play guitar. I owned a classical guitar in my youth. So I have a sweet spot in my soul for music played (well) with classical guitars.

What better than a duo that ONLY plays classical guitars? No singing. No drums. No piano. Just two amazing guitars.

Rodrigo y Gabriela play their guitars in a rocking, flamenco, rhythmic fashion. And I thank God these two exist. I just wish there was a way I could play like these two.

If there’s any song of theirs that’s a perfect intro to their style, it’s definitely “The Soundmaker”.

I love the whole song, but I get crazy at 3:10. Then 18 seconds later, I just lose my mind.

Bonus: Their latest album, 9 Dead Alive, dedicates every track on the album to important people from the past. “The Soundmaker” is dedicated to 19th Century Spanish guitarist and luthier, Antonio de Torres Jurado.

According to Richard Bruné of Vintage Guitar Magazine, “Antonio de Torres was the most important guitar maker of the 19th century, exerting an influence worldwide on the design and construction of the modern guitar that is unrivaled in the history of the instrument.”

Songs that were a fun listen:

1)      Home – Johnnyswim
2)      Money on My Mind – Sam Smith
3)      Sail into the Sun – Gentlemen Hall
4)      Waiting on You – Future Islands
5)      Digital Witness – St. Vincent
6)      H.S.K.T. – Sylvan Esso
7)      Geronimo – Sheppard
8)      Holding on for Life + After the Disco – Broken Bells
9)      Under the Pressure – The War on Drugs
10)  Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon

Here’s Eric’s List:


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