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Andrew here, this past weekend I had the privilege of celebrating the wedding of the new Mr. and Mrs. Zach and Kerri Sweigart.  It was an awesome party at Kerri’s parents’ backyard-a secluded, tree lined property tucked away in a residential neighborhood just outside Lancaster City.

Now, usually we arrive at venues before any guests do to get all of the dirty work out of the way, loading in and out and setting up are the decidedly less glamorous parts of the DJ process, and yours guests don’t need to see that. But Zach and Kerri’s wedding was a little bit different, it was an all-day affair and all at the same location.  The first part of the day started with a small wedding ceremony for family and close friends followed by a lunch.  For that part of the day, they had arranged to have an acoustic duo play music for the ceremony and up until it was time for me to start at 4:00. So by the time I arrived, there were a number of guests already there and more filling in by the minute, it was a bit out of the ordinary to be unloading and setting up with guests all around, but I got it done without any issues.

As I was setting up, Zach and Kerri arrived back at the house from getting some pictures taken in the city and the band introduced them into the reception. Soon after they were done and it was my time to continue the party. It started out with some classic rock, Kerri had sent me a detailed list of what she and Zach wanted played during the reception, and it ranged from Cat Stevens and Fleetwood Mac to Queen and Joan Jett for the early evening while guests enjoyed appetizers and sushi to 90s and early 2000s hip-hop, Motown, and 80s music.

From the time that we first met, Zach and Kerri wanted an out of the box, non-traditional wedding. They eschewed traditional events like the garter removal and toss and their dance with their parents was combined into one.  They really wanted their reception to be a party with their friends and family, so we got the traditional dances, cake cutting and bouquet toss out of the way almost immediately so everyone could enjoy the food, friendship and get to dancing.

Zach and Kerri’s First Dance

Kerri and Zach dance with their parents

Once everyone was done eating, it was time to party and the party went hard all night. There was a diverse crowd and they all wanted to dance all night. The music flowed from disco, to hip hop, Motown and back around again with a sprinkling of current hits mixed in. Throughout the night a funny thing happened, the dance floor moved.  When Zach and Kerri had their first dance and dance with their parents, they did it in the grass to my left and the bar and cocktail tables were set up on the deck behind me. By the end of the night, the tables were gone and everyone was rocking out on the deck. It’s a surreal feeling to be DJing a party that is going strong, but not be able to see anyone, but feel the vibrations of their dancing under your feet.  Before my scheduled time to leave came, Kerri’s mom asked me to stay an extra hour because the people who were left were having such a good time it seemed a shame to end it early.

Dancing on the deck and in the grass.

And they partied the rest of the night, just like this…

Partied til the end!

Congratulations Zach and Kerri, and thanks for letting ProVolve Entertainment be a part of your big day, it was a beautiful and awesome day!

(Two side notes, while writing this, I can’t count the number of times I wrote Zach and Sara because of the Ben Folds Song http://youtu.be/-z7x0V5cm-A. Second, during Zach and Kerri’s reception one of their guests was really interested in my equipment and how my set up works and how far technology has come.  Usually these folks are old DJs reminiscing about vinyl days or amateur audiophiles who take an interest in the gear you use.  This time, it was none other than Roy Clair, co-founder of Clair Brothers, you know that little company in Lititz that tours with the biggest names in music. It was a pretty cool experience to spend a little time talking to someone who made a pretty large impact on the global concert scene.)

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