Top 5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Cancun

So how about that long, cold, miserable Pennsylvania weather we’ve had this year?

Seriously, talk about the longest winter ever.

With spring just around the corner, let’s start day-dreaming about warmer weather now. 

Today we hear from a college friend of Eric’s, Kelly Fitzgerald.

Kelly is living a pretty awesome life in Cancun, Mexico. Not visiting, LIVING! How sweet is that? She’s a social media manager and adventurer and has some amazing insight into life in this beautiful Mexican getaway, which she shares regularly at http://sobersenorita.wordpress.com/

Kelly shares with ProVolve her Top 5 reasons why Cancun makes a great honeymoon destination:

Cancun is a well-known destination for spring break, white sand beaches, and cocktails by the pool.  It’s also a wonderful place to say “I do”, to enjoy your friends and family, and of course to go on your honeymoon!  

For those newly engaged couples who are wedding planning and contemplating on where to go afterward, here are the top 5 reasons to honeymoon in Cancun.

1.  The beaches are unmatched
Picture this: white sand beaches with cool sand and turquoise water in the distance.  Sounds picture perfect right?  Cancun definitely has the ideal setting for a honeymoon.  The views from the luxury hotels located in the Hotel Zone are unmatched and will help you make memories that will last a lifetime just like your new marriage.  Hang out under a palm tree or in the sun, and let the waiters serve you unlimited food and drinks as you relax the day away!

2.  Excursions
Cancun is a place with a variety of activities to do and places to go.  You’ll never be bored exploring this area with your new husband or wife.  There are various Mayan ruins sites including Chichen Itza, one of the new 7 wonders of the world.  Additionally, there is the Cancun underwater museum which has gained substantial popularity in recent months.  For adventure seekers there are zip lines, cenote swimming, and natural water parks that span the length of the Mexican Caribbean.

Photo: Jason Decaires Taylor

 3.  Affordable
Weddings can be a little on the expensive side, but we know brides and grooms don’t want to cut corners with something as important as a honeymoon.  Luckily, Cancun is an extremely affordable destination.  It’s located just a close plane ride away from the United States, and hotels love to run deals on social media, websites, and other mediums like GroupOn and Living Social.  Many hotels even offer packages that include flights and all-inclusive meal plans.  Searching for the right deal for you and your significant other can be done ahead of time to obtain the best value for your money.

4.  Romantic
Obviously a romantic setting is one of the requirements you’ll have for your honeymoon and Cancun has it. You’ll find many options for adults-only resorts where you’ll be able to relax free of children or families, as well as resorts that have adults-only pools and beach areas.  Additionally, most resorts have honeymoon suites and special requests for room decorations such as flowers, champagne, chocolates, or offer couples massages for perfect one-on-one time.  


5.  Hospitality 
If you haven’t experienced Mexican hospitality already, then you need to take a vacation to Mexico as soon as possible to do so!  Mexican hotel workers, especially in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, are well known for their impeccable hospitality and all around kindness.  Don’t be surprised if you are best friends with the pool bar bartender by the end of your honeymoon stay, or talking with the bell boy about his children.  Hotel employees here are known for filling up your drink before you’ve finished, their genuine care for your happiness, and their friendliness to those who visit them from around the world.

Cancun isn’t just natural beauty, white sand beaches, and clear ocean waters, it’s a place to be romantic with the love of your life, a place to explore Mexican culture and food, and an affordable getaway for newlyweds.  I hope these 5 reasons give you just a small sampling of the incredible destination that is Cancun, Mexico.

A Philadelphia girl living the expat life in Cancun, Mexico, Kelly is a soccer player by birth, cat lady by nature, social media manager by day, and beach-goer on the weekends. Recently sober, she likes to write about her experiences on Mexican Caribbean life, non-alcoholic cocktails, feminism, and anything else that strikes her fancy. 

Check out Kelly’s adventures at http://sobersenorita.wordpress.com/

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