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This week’s Top 5 Things blog is from Megan Kalbach, Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. We met Megan in 2009 when we DJ’ed her wedding. If you didn’t check it out, here is her engagement story (Day 5, 14 Days of Valentine’s Day).

The following is Megan’s Top 5 list of wedding day makeup advice:

5. First, focus on starting a good skin care routine… the best way to look beautiful on your big day is to have beautiful skin!

4. Take care of your eyes! Wedding planning is stressful and your eyes show it all; bags, dark circles, puffiness…. that is unless they are well cared for with specialized eye care products.

3. Confirm your bridesmaids have the correct shade of foundation and make-up colors that coordinated well. Help them with this task, or have them meet with someone to help them, if they do not normally wear make up or wear shades that don’t mesh with the feel of your wedding.

2. Have a trial run of your wedding day make-up, just like you have a final dress fitting, cake testing and hair run through. You don’t want any surprises on the day of the wedding! Also make sure to take pictures with your make up on, both in indoor and outdoor light, to make sure you like how it shows up on camera!

1. Remember, look like YOU! If you normally love smokey eyes and bold colors go for it! If you normally do not wear make-up or if you use very little make-up, try natural colors! You don’t want your groom not recognize you when you walk down the aisle!

Those are the 5 most important things for brides to know about their wedding day makeup! I hope this was helpful and I’m available for any questions you might have!

Megan Kalbach is an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. Megan provides Bridal Looks, Makeovers, Skin Care Solutions, Makeup Application, Facials and many other services. To contact Meg, call her at (717) 327-6816. Also, check her out online or on Facebook!

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