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Today is the official relaunch of our Guest Blogger Series, Top 5 Things. This was an advice series we started 2 years ago with the help of various wedding professionals. We’ve started it up again with the hopes of answering any questions you may have about weddings.

Every Friday, we’ll bring you 5 tips about wedding planning, hiring vendors, honeymoon planning, fashion, and everything else that goes into planning a wedding, executing the wedding, and even some post-wedding stuff you might not have considered!

Our relaunch is made possible today by Laura Brown Photography. She’s a great friend of ProVolve’s – having taken family pictures for both Mike’s and Eric’s families. Not to mention she’s been a great source of referrals for us – Laura’s the best!

Whether you’re an engaged couple in the planning process, or even a family looking for a photographer, take a look at these tips provided by Laura on how to hire a great photographer!

Hiring a talented photographer is one of the best ways to get the most out of your wedding day. It’s important to make sure to make a choice that fits you best. By doing your homework, you can find any potential photographer’s style, prices, personality, portfolio, and references and you will be well on your way to choosing the perfect person to capture your wedding day.

Every photographer has his or her own artistic vision. Some have a traditional way of thinking and some are more free and artistic. When researching potential photographers, you want to see in each portfolio a couple’s personality come to life and the photographer’s visions and style come to life. You want a photographer that can merge tradition with artistry and can blend your personality into their own artistic vision.

Finding your dream photographer is the ultimate goal. There are a few aspects that go into pricing out your photographer. First, have a budget in mind. Photographers have a price for a reason. Just because a photographer doesn’t cost thousands of dollars, that does not mean they are not amazing! Always keep that in mind. Second, know what comes with the package. A lot of small business photographers just give their customers rights to their photos. That means, you will receive your images on to a disc. This is a great freedom to have and way more cost effective. Lastly, if there is something that you were hoping the photographer would do and they do not specifically advertise, make sure you just ask! Most photographers will be more than willing to make packages for you!

Personality is of huge importance when searching for a photographer. Because you will be spending most of your wedding day with this person, you need to consider your wedding day and what you would like to be photographed. Will you ultimately feel comfortable with your photographer’s choices? Will they mesh well with your family and friends? This should be an easy-flowing conversation in which you feel comfortable stating your needs and opinions. Each photographer has their own vision and style and should be able to incorporate that into your big day, as you want!

A photographer’s portfolio is the essence of who they are as an artist & how they will present their work. When researching, take a look at each photographer’s blog, Facebook and any other site they may display their work on. Is their portfolio current? Does the photographer show a variety of angles & different types of details? If details and locations are important to you, it might be important to find a photographer that will help inspire your images & make great choices, so that you can have your dream day without having to stress!

One of the most important things to do when hiring any vendor for your wedding is to check their references. Has the photographer shot at your venue or are they best at a new type of location? Are they good with people?  Do not hesitate to ask for references and couples that they have shot for in the past.

Laura J. Brown Photography is a one-of-a-kind experience. My style has been described as natural, fun, and a perfect mix between creative and traditional. I like to classify it as “Photography Unfiltered”. I like fluid, free flowing pictures that capture special moments. I tend to see things in a different light and perspective. I enjoy taking ideas, capturing pictures, and blossoming them into photographs.

To see Laura’s Portfolio and Contact: Facebook and Website.

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