What I’m Listening To, Eric

According to an undisclosed source that may start with a ‘w’ and may end in ‘dia’, blue whales can eat up to 8000 lb of krill in a day. Sort of like the blue whale, I consume 8000 lb of music in one day.

(Crickets chirping)

Ok. Sorry. Had to be cheesy.

(Crickets continue chirping)

Ok, ok. What I am trying to explain is that I consume LOTS of music, everyday. Before ever being a DJ, I was always (and still am) a music fan. I am constantly seeking out new music and frankly cannot function without music – just ask my wife.

One of the greatest inventions of recent memory has been Shazam. For those unfamiliar with Shazam, it is a music-tagging app on smart phones. If there is a song playing on the radio (or anywhere), you press the Shazam button; place the phone up to the speaker and within seconds, Shazam tells you the name of the artist and the song title. A great app for music lovers!

I also use Spotify – a music streaming service that is different from Pandora in major ways: it allows you to search for specific songs and create playlists. It is like having the world’s largest, personal music library. It is a great program and it has changed the way I listen to music.

I started a new playlist recently on Spotify that consists of songs I have tagged from Shazam. I realized I had many tagged songs that were just sitting in the app and I thought I would do something with them. The list came about from music I heard in TV commercials, listening to WXPN and Pandora (my wife’s Florence + the Machine radio), and even from shopping at stores like H&M, Urban Outfitters, etc (those stores play pretty baller music). Some of the songs on the list also come from watching movies like The Hangover II and Midnight in Paris.

Does anyone else do this? If not, try it. Make a playlist of all your tags and while you are at it, check out a new band you may have discovered via Shazam. They might have other awesome tracks on their albums.

A great song I recently discovered is “Heartbeats” by the Knife.

For the whole playlist, here is the link to my Tagz playlist:

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